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   Chapter 38 Spoiled Albert

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38 Spoiled Albert 3

Having the same thought, Bella nodded with a smile and said, "Yeah, I also feel it strange! Your father never allowed anyone to lay a finger on him, but this time he really did it. Perhaps he also thought she was a good girl. Albert, I don't mean to blame you. Please don't think about that Betty Mo any more. Even if she came back now, we would never allow you to be together with her! Why are you so stubborn? "

As soon as he heard that, the smile on his face disappeared. He frowned and said, "Mom, tell me. It has been five years. Why didn't you allow me to see her when you sent her abroad? I know there must be a reason for you to do so. From childhood to now, if there was no one who wants to hurt me, I can make my own decisions for everything. But as for the matter with Betty Mo, I don't understand! "

Bella frowned and said, "If you go back to ask your father about it and he wants to will tell you, I won't stop it. You'd better stop asking now. I won't tell you. I wanted to keep you happy, and you should appreciate the beautiful scenery in the kitchen. Don't regret it until you lose it completely. This girl is the best for you. "

"Mom, you've only met her several times. How can you be so sure? "

"I know someone just at a glance. You don't need to know her well. " With that, she stood up and went into the kitchen too. Watching Yana cook

y is he so picky about food, but he's not suffering from malnutrition?

"But he doesn't like vegetables, he needs to get rid of this habit. Don't worry about it. He will definitely eat the food I cooked, and dare not be angry. Albert is a very filial child. "

"Yes. " She could see that he was a filial man. She believed that a dutiful man wasn't a bad man. She believed in Albert too. He just had a bad temper. "Did he inherit his bad temper from his father? "

Hearing this, Bella was stunned and thought it for a long time before she came to a conclusion. "It has nothing to do with his father. His father is a gentle man and his mother is a beautiful and gentle woman. So he probably has a gene mutation. "

Yana was rendered speechless by these words. 'It turns out Albert isn't her natural son? No wonder she felt Bella was a good woman, but Albert just said that his family was not good It was a terrible thing!

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