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   Chapter 37 Spoiled Albert

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37 Spoiled Albert 2

After she safely drove the car to his home, she helped Albert go upstairs. She let him lie on the sofa for a while and then got up to prepare dinner for him in the kitchen. She hadn't eaten anything yet. As soon as the shooting was over, Yana rushed back to check on Albert. She had eaten up all the food she had for lunch and was really hungry.

The moment she put on her apron, someone knocked on the door. Yana looked outside, Albert lay listlessly on the sofa watching TV. But he still wouldn't get up. Yana had no choice but to dry her hands carelessly and come to open the door. As soon as she opened the door, she was surprised to find that the person standing at the door was so familiar to her This is the beautiful lady she met in the supermarket the other day? "It's you? "

At the same time, Bella raised her head and looked at Yana in shock. "Oh, it's you! Why are you here? "

"Oh, I live here now. Are you here to look for Mr. Albert? "

"Yes, is he at home? "

"Yes, yes, yes! " Upon hearing that, Yana immediately welcomed her into the house. Inside, she was wondering whether this woman was Albert' mother or not? She was so young, so gentle and so elegant! How could such a beautiful and elegant mother have such a bad son? Because of gene mutation or being like his father?

When Bella came in and saw him lying on the sofa watching TV lazily, she called, "Albert! "

Don't say such words to hurt your daddy and mommy. We all know your brother's situation. Your second elder brother said he can't live for thirty years. We can't let your daddy and mommy lose you after they lose a child! Listen to me. When you're free, call your daddy and mommy even if you don't say anything. Let them know that you're healthy and happy, and they'll be happy too. "

"I know, mom. " He always listened to Bella. After hearing a satisfying answer, Bella looked at the busy figure in the kitchen and said with a smile, "Is she the Yana that Brian mentioned today? I have met her before. She is a very honest and kind girl. We met her in the supermarket last time when we went shopping together. She was talking on the phone and accidentally bumped into your father. She apologized at once. I talked with her for a while and thought she was a good girl. "

"You surprised me. My dad didn't roar at her because she irritated him? "

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