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   Chapter 35 Albert Got A Fever 5

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Updated: 2020-01-01 00:35

35 Albert Got A Fever 5

"Really? Am I thinking too much? But she is really a good girl. If you don't want her, I will pursue her! I believe mommy and daddy will be very happy if they know that I have such a sweet girlfriend. And I'm 25 years old. It's time for me to get married and settle down! " As he spoke, Brian carefully looked at the expression on his face. Although he didn't say anything, he furrowed his eyebrows.

"Brian, she's my woman! "

"I know. But nowadays, people are really surprised that a girl could be a virgin over 18 years old! I don't mind. You won't marry her anyway. When she leaves you, I can pursue her, right? I'm not a virgin anymore. It's fair! But I have to make sure that you let her go this time, and she will get her freedom back. If you like her and want her, I'll make a concession to you. After all, I'm the last one to arrive. "

"Are you really Do you like her? "

"Of course, such a smart and clever girl is the best choice to take home!" Looking at his expression, Brian felt a little angry. He turned around and left.

The driver was waiting outside. When he saw Brian, he stood up immediately and was about to open the back door. However, Brian grabbed the key from the driver and direc

born with a silver spoon in your mouth? I also want to live like a princess. I have parents who love me and cherish me as a princess. With enough money, I don't need to work so hard. However, the world is always like this. Things won't be so perfect. In fact, I'm grateful enough now. I haven't starved to death. I can still fight for my dream. It's good enough. "

"You don't seem to have a good past."

"Yes, it's not good. But people have to learn to live in bitterness! Sighing and groaning as time went by, I preferred to live a happy life. When my parents were alive, they always told me to be contented. I'm content now! Although all the credit goes to you that I can win the second female lead of this play, I'm trying my best to seize this opportunity. I just hope that I can save enough money and realize my dream. "

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