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   Chapter 34 Albert Got A Fever 4

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Updated: 2020-01-01 00:25

34 Albert Got A Fever 4

"I see Brian, you have to give your brother a strict check on the woman. If she is a good girl, Albert, you can't treat her like this. Men from the Cheng's family were all fickle in love, but they were very serious in love. Your daddy has been treating your mommy the same for thirty years, and so has your daddy's love for your mommy. I know you don't believe in love. But it's not easy to meet a good girl. We should cherish her. Maybe it's not a good time to talk about it now. But I hope you can take your relationship seriously. Don't play with girls. Your father and I are already very worried about Christine. Don't let anything bad happen at this point. "

"Christine... What's wrong? " After all, she was the only girl in the family and he took good care of her.

"Well, it was your father who forced Christine to come back and marry Richie. The class in Country B has come to an end in June. Your father wanted to bring Christine back and forced her to marry Richie. You know that Christine has a boyfriend. Although he comes from a poor family, she really likes that boy. I'm afraid that your father will be too angry to control his temper. If Christine kept doing something out of line, it would be terrible! "

"I think Richie is the best. He has liked Christine since he was a child. He has never changed for 22 years since he was a little boy. I also think that Richie is the best man to m

ildren were sensible, so they asked her to go back as soon as possible. How childish Carter was! He had only been urging her to go back for less than two hours. The couple had really been in good relationship for so many years.

As soon as Bella was out of sight, Brian came up to them and said, "Yana? You have to tell me about the matter. Why is her forehead so badly hurt this morning when Yana went to the filming site? Don't tell me it was you! "

Albert pressed his lips and didn't say anything, but he had tacitly admitted it. "Shoot! How dare you! Are you a man? How dare you hit a woman! I think Yana is also a well behaved and sensible girl. How come you don't like her? You have waited for so many years. What are you still waiting for? I think Yana is a good girl. We have no family sense. If you really like her, just keep her as your girlfriend! "

"I'm just interested in her, but I'm not in love with her. Brother, you think too much! "

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