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   Chapter 33 Mr. Albert Got A Fever

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Updated: 2020-01-01 00:15

Mr. Albert Got A Fever 3

In the afternoon, as Brian had no other thing to do, he said goodbye to everyone and left. Yana didn't know where Brian was, because she had another scene to shoot this afternoon.

A luxurious limousine pulled over in front of the hospital. With a baseball cap on his head, Brian walked into the hospital, who had covered himself well with a surgical cap. He didn't let his guard down until he arrived at the ward where Albert was. He removed all his disguises and heaved a sigh of relief.

He was awake and his fever had been brought down. He was not that depressed, but he still looked pale. He was sitting on the bed, playing computer games. When he saw Brian come in, he rolled his eyes at him and said, "I told you not to bother and help me deal with the company's affairs, but you didn't listen to me! Yes? It feels good to be chased everywhere, doesn't it? "

"Please respect me when you speak to me, Albert, " Brian was rendered speechless. He seemed to have no place in the Cheng's family. Even Albert dared to talk back to him like that! "It's my hobby, and I really like acting. What can you do to me? "

"Each of you isn't like my brother! " He shook his head helplessly. He was the least one who was bullied since he was a child. They all chose the career they liked most and then wor

eyebrows knitted, he honestly replied, "No! "

"I can prove it, aunt Bella! That girl wasn't his girlfriend! That girl was only 19 years old, and she was still a new actress. Let me tell you, Albert is very mean! He had a crush on her, but she turned him down. He dealt with her by dirty tricks and deprived her of the role in our TV series. Then he had sex with her! "

"Is she a star? Does she know Albert's identity and approach him on purpose? " Bella Luo said with concern. This kind of thing had happened to Albert, so she couldn't allow it to happen again!

"No, that girl's name is Yana Zhong. She used to be a small model and could shoot a plane advertisement or something like that. She has no big deal, but her acting skill is really good. She still doesn't know that I'm Albert's brother until now. How innocent she is! But it's a pity that she was destroyed by Albert! "

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