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   Chapter 32 Mr. Albert Got A Fever

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Updated: 2020-01-01 00:05

Mr. Albert Got A Fever 2

She had been busy all morning, and finally she could settle down. She sat on the sofa in the ward, staring blankly at him when he was put on a drip. Transparent liquid slowly flowed into his body through the transparent tube. His face was still abnormally red, which scared Yana a little.

Suddenly, Yana screamed as she grabbed her purse and rushed towards the door. How could she forget that she had to shoot today! Today was a great show. Yesterday she was sick and didn't go to the shooting site. If she didn't go there today, the director would be angry! Yana hailed a taxi heading to the shooting site.

They were indeed late. However, she didn't want to offend Mr. Henry. She explained to him and began to be absorbed in the tense filming. Yana had a wound on the forehead. The makeup artist tried his best to cover it.

Today's movie was a story about the encounter of the heroine and the hero. The hero was about to marry the second female lead, but the heroine suddenly broke in. After a lot of touching words, the heroine was about to give up the second female lead and leave, and the second female lead was about to jump into the river due to sadness and disappointment.

The whole morning, Yana had a great time. She vividly performed the sad look on the face. Even Brian and Emily, w

ospital. It took me a long time, but I forgot time, so I am late."

"Friend? Is he your boyfriend? "

"No! He was just an ordinary friend of mine. I don't have a boyfriend. " And she would be disqualified from doing so. Because she was an impure woman. Although it was normal for people to do something like this in the entertainment circle, it was an indescribable scar for Yana. This was a very ugly scar!

Looking at Yana's pitiful face, Brian couldn't help but sigh, 'Albert! You're such a bastard. How could you ask me to clear up the mess for you! Why don't you cherish such a good girl? The men from the Cheng family all had affairs, except for Davis. The three brothers often hung out with different women? However, they had their own principles. They would cut the relationship quickly and never owed any woman anything. However, this time, Albert seemed to have gone too far!

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