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   Chapter 30 Gossip 6

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Chapter 30 Gossip 6

It was still raining outside. Holding an umbrella, Yana walked out of the blue water bay but stopped after making a turn. She wondered why there were so many flashlights? What the hell was going on?

When she was in a daze, the cameras came closer and surrounded her. "Miss Yana, what's your relationship with the superstar, Brian? Why is he here? And what's the matter with you? "

"Miss Yana, I've heard a lot about Brian's box news. He changes girlfriends just like changing clothes. You're just a new star. Is it possible that he's having sex with you? "

"Many actors who have just started their career want to make themselves famous by taking advantage of the famous stars to hype and spread rumors about them. Is your going to the hospital with Brian a hype? And what is the relationship between you and Mr. Brian? "

"Miss Yana..."

"Miss Yana..."

Surrounded by reporters, Yana was totally confused by the chain of questions coming from reporters. What was the point of her being like this? Did she become famous overnight? She just suddenly fainted and then the actors of the same crew sent her to the hospital. Was that so simple? How could they think that there were so many dirty things? Surrounded by those men, Yana didn't know who was to blame. Someone suddenly pushed her away and she fell awkwardly into a puddle.

Looking up at the cameras coming from different directions, Yana panicked. She immediately covered the cameras with her hands. But no matter how intimidated she was, those cameras never left her. She was in such a mess that they directly copied her into cameras. Yana knew there would be new headlines tomorrow. If she had anything to do with Brian, she would certainly be tomorrow's entertainment headlines! She had never known that there were so many troubles to be a star!

When Yana was cornered and had no way out, a shout suddenly came from outside the crowd. Several security guards, wearing uniforms, rushed in with electric baton in their hands, and knocked out all the reporters. One of them picked up Yana and shouted, "Miss Yana, why are you surrounded by these unscrupulous reporters? Are you all right? It's raining heavily and it's dark now. If you stay outside alone, you'll be surrounded by the reporters. So you'd better go back first and don't let Mr. Albert be worried about you! "

At this moment, Yana finally understood why he had agreed to let her go. It turned out that he already knew what happened yesterday had been known by the media. And she had been related to the big star. They couldn't get any news about Brian, so many people wanted to get some useful news to buy her prize. Today she would be besieged by reporters as long as she walked out of the blue water bay. There would be reporters keeping an eye on her, which meant she would have nowhere to escape. At last she had to go home obediently!

Yana sighed resignedly. Since those reporters had found out that she lived in blue water bay, she wouldn't go to her shabby cottage and those reporters would definitely follow her to the hospital if she went to the hospital. Then, there would be some reporters to expose what happened to her brother. That was something she couldn't see! Her brother couldn't bear any stimulation. She couldn't let him exposed in the media, or it would do harm to his body! On second thought, the blue water bay was the only place that Yana could go now!

She turned around resignedly and walked into the blue water bay. But what she didn't know was that the man in front of the window on the sixth floor had never left. He stood in front of the window and stared at her for a moment, including her being stared at by the reporters when she fell into the water. Finally, you are no match for me! You can never escape from me!

The elevator slowly rose to the sixth floor. She got off and stood in front of Room 601. She hesitated and raised her hand, but didn't hit the door. It was her who wanted to leave just now, but now she had nowhere to go. How could she keep her dignity! She hesitated for a while. At last, she didn't knock at the door. Instead, she turned around and leaned against the garbage can outside the door. At the moment, her clothes had already been wet. Sitting at the vent, she soon shivered with cold. She clenched her clothes and gritted her teeth. For her sake, she had to hold on! She lost everything. She could no longer lose her dignity!

Yana was such a stubborn girl. She was determined to do what she wanted. She could throw away everything, but she couldn't lose her dignity. Although the dignity had been trampled underfoot and shattered by Albert, it was the only thing she could hold onto! She must cherish it!

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