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   Chapter 29 Gossip 5

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Chapter 29 Gossip 5

Yana ran home as fast as she could. But when she got home, Albert was already at home. He was sitting on the sofa in the living room, working on some files with his laptop. The moment he caught sight of Yana, he saw her in a mess, as if he was a water ghost that had just been pulled out of the water. He furrowed his brows in disgust and ordered, "Hurry up and change your clothes!"

Yana nodded stiffly, and then ran to the bathroom with a trail of dirty water beads. She closed the door and started to take a shower. However, when he was sitting in the living room, he couldn't see her straight in the eyes. The drops of water that had been dragging from the door to the door of the bathroom almost drove him crazy! He turned on his laptop, walked to the bathroom and knocked on the door. "Yana, I command you to clean yourself in fifteen minutes. Otherwise, you'd better sleep on the street tonight, "He threatened

There was a dead silence in the bathroom. After a long time, Yana hummed "Okay". Annoyed, he carried the laptop to the balcony to work. Sitting on the balcony and watching the rain outside, he recalled the time when he was still a student of C University, who was only 18 years old. Back then, he was in a bad mood. In fact, when he was fifteen, he had already finished all his studies and obtained a lot of his degree. But aunt had said that she wanted him to integrate into the society, so that he could go to school step by step as a normal child, and then manage his family business when he was twenty-two years old. Since he came back from Country B at the age of 15, he began his high school life from the most common high school here. At the age of 18, he entered into a college and fell in love with a girl for the first time in his life, who was bright and radiant like a rose. She would fight for him and escape school for him. Although all these things were so rebellious in his eyes, it was her rebellion that attracted his attention and made him fall in love with her. The dull man met a girl as beautiful as scorching sun, but he always walked slower than her, so he lost that girl and didn't know where she was. It had been three years, but he heard nothing from her!

Sometimes, he would think of that woman in his dream, but he suddenly found that she had been away for a long time, and her outline was blurred. He could only see her figure, but couldn't see her face. He didn't know for three years, how was she d

oing? Did she fall in love with another man? Did the man love her or not Everything was uncertain.

She had put on her pajamas and squatted on the floor, carefully wiping the floor one by one with a duster cloth. She had to take it seriously because she was afraid that some tyrant would yell at her again!

While Yana was drying the floor without raising her head. Suddenly, Albert spoke, "Where have you been the whole day? I asked the security guard at the gate. He told me that you left at eight o'clock and you hadn't come back. I called your crew and they told me that you didn't go to work because you were sick. I'm dying to know where you are today. "

Yana's hand stopped in midair. She frowned slightly. After a short hesitation, she answered, "I didn't go anywhere. I went out to meet my friends. Then I played all afternoon. It rained heavily. I came back alone without calling a cab. "

"Is that so?" Apparently, he didn't believe her.

Yana threw the rag on the floor angrily. "Yes, I did sell myself to you, but I didn't sell my soul. I sold my body! You can call me when you need to release your sexual desire, but I have my personal freedom. Where am I going? Whom I want to meet has nothing to do with you? Is it necessary for you to treat me like a prisoner? Where I am going is none of your business! I owe you money, but I can pay you back! You used dirty tricks to cheat me! "

Looking at her unexpectedly, Albert raised his lips slightly and thought, 'Very well, this woman has learned to refute me with a sharp tongue! '! But he knew how to deal with her. "Well, since you have said that, if I don't give you the freedom you want, it seems like I'm too unreasonable! Well, I don't need your service today. You can go. I can set you free. "

Startled, Yana stood rooted to the spot. 'Did I hear it right? How could he be so kind to let her go? Shouldn't he be angry with me? Why did he react like this? Never mind. He would let her go if he was in a good mood. Nothing was more important than peace and happiness. She would not stand there motionlessly! She didn't believe that he could do whatever he wanted in C City! After all, they were living in a society ruled by law. What he did was illegal detention! Humph, I'm good enough that I didn't sue you! Thinking of this, Yana immediately changed her clothes and took a look at Albert, who was still sitting at the window and reading documents. Then, she made a cute face and turned away.

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