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   Chapter 28 Gossip 4

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Chapter 28 gossip 4

At five o'clock in the afternoon, the sky began to thunder heavily. Yana stood at the gate of the hospital, looking at the gray sky. God, it wouldn't be so miserable. Why did it rain when she was leaving? How could she go back now?

As Yana waited anxiously at the entrance of the hospital, more and more people were stranded at the gate. With the insulation barrel and handbag in her hands, she stood there, very restless. 'What if Albert gets angry again when I go back too late! 'She thought! Forget it. Let's go!

Clenching her teeth and covering her head with both hands, Yana dashed towards the door. The pedestrians were hurrying outside. All of a sudden, Yana looked at the other people with admiration. No matter how fast they walked, there was a bright hope in the distance waiting for them. But who could see her running in the rain like this? Or who else would care?

She suddenly felt depressed. She knew what the answer was. She didn't have the reason to expect a hope that there was no answer at all. Yes, there was no answer. Everyone's hope could have an answer, but only her, no answer!

Standing in the rain, she took a deep breath and ran forward. Even if no one could give her hope, she had to run, because she was her own hope! Even if the whole world didn't care about her, she had to work for herself! It was tiring for her to pursue this matter without an answer, but she was willing to do it!

Running joyfully in the rain, Yana took a turn. Before she could see clearly what was happening ahead, she hit a man standing at the corner. Yana's head hit hard on his chest, and then bounced back to her. Yana flopped down on the dirty water, throwing the insulation barrel and bag out of her hand. The things inside were scattered all over the ground. A car whizzed past her and nearly hit her. The man pulled her up and swept her to the side. However, on the ground, things were crushed into pieces.

"Ahhh -" Yana screamed. It was so close that she was almost run over by the tire of a car. She had almost become a dead woman on the street! That was too dangerous!

"Are you all right?"

Yana turned

her head to look at the boy. His voice was melodious and attractive. His entire voice was so alluring, and he had an attractive face, a handsome face of Chinese and European mixed-race. His eyes were as deep as a pool of deep water, attracting her attention. Overall, he was a handsome and melancholy mixed-race handsome man!

Yana shook her head as she felt he was still holding her. She broke free and said, "Thank you, sir. If you hadn't saved me, I might have turned into a corpse. So, thank you very much! "

Unexpectedly, this handsome mixed-race man could understand what Yana really meant. He smiled and said, "You don't have to say thank you to me. If it were not for me that scared you, you would not fall down! " Seeing the mess on the ground, the mixed-race handsome man frowned and said, "I'm sorry to break your things. Well, I'll pay for it. Wait a moment here. My driver will be here soon. I'll take you to the department store and buy some new ones. "

"No, thanks, sir. These things are worthless. You don't have to pay for them. I'm in a hurry. I'll leave you alone. You can take a step inside and don't let the rain get on you, "Said Yana. She could tell from the handsome man's clothes that he must be a prince. She had better not get herself involved with a prince, because one had already given her a headache. In her mind, she had planned to treat all the rich men in the world as evil as Albert!

Before Yana could respond, she dashed out in the rain. Looking at the receding figure of Yana, the mixed-race handsome man smiled slightly. This girl was indeed different from others. If it were someone else that wanted to get back at him, he would pay a huge amount of money. But she didn't! He didn't know how long he hadn't had this feeling for!

Suddenly, the sound of brake came from behind. A man walked up to the handsome guy with an umbrella and said, "Young master, I'm sorry to keep you waiting. Get on the car quickly. Don't catch a cold! "

The man raised his lips and got on the car gracefully. The driver closed the door and was about to leave. The man said, "Let's go to the department store! "

"Yes, young master. "

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