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   Chapter 27 Gossip 3

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Chapter 27 gossip 3

The next morning, Yana woke up early. She looked around, but there was no one beside her. She didn't see Albert that night. It was good that he didn't come back. She also had less torture. Although she was still a little weak, she was in a good condition. It had been a long time since she went to the hospital to see Joe. She wanted to know how he was! Anyway, she wouldn't have any scenes to perform today. She'd better go to the hospital to see Joe.

Yana stood up and went to the kitchen to cook breakfast. It had been a good habit for her to get up early and prepare breakfast for her brother. No matter how tired she was, it had become one of her habits. Even if it's not for herself, she had to get up early to prepare breakfast for her brother.

She saw there was some seafood in the refrigerator, so she cooked a pot of delicious seafood porridge. She ate a bowl of seafood herself, and then filled an insulation barrel with porridge. Looking at the remaining porridge in the pot, she hesitated what to do with it. These food was just enough for Albert when he was at home! But he didn't come back today, so she didn't know whether he would eat or not. Well, she didn't care whether he would eat or not. She prepared the breakfast for him, and it was up to him whether to eat or not as long as she didn't offend him! If he didn't eat, when he came back in the evening, she could heat it and eat it as dinner. Otherwise, it was a pity to throw such a large bowl of seafood porridge away!

Yana carefully put the seafood porridge into the food storage box, then put it in the refrigerator, and walked out of the room with the insulation barrel. After locking the door, she headed for the hospital.

The sky outside was overcast. Yana looked at the sky and thought to herself, 'Is it going to rain? She didn't even take an umbrella with her. If she got wet halfway, it would be terrible! She took the insulation barrel and rushed to the hospital.

She felt lucky that it hadn't rained when she arrived at the hospital. She walked to the ward with the insulation barrel. She gently knocked on the door through the glass door and then opened the door. When she entered the room, she saw Jack working in the ward. Seeing Yana come, he quickly stood up. Yana smiled,

"Doctor, are you checking Joe's body again? Thank you! I have been really busy these days, so I have ignored him. Thank you for taking care of him. "

"You're welcome!" Hearing that, Jack smiled shyly and he even blushed. But the careless Yana didn't notice this change. She put the insulation barrel on the bedside table, then filled the porridge in a small bowl and handed it to Joe, "Joe, I'm so sorry that I haven't come to see you for so long. I'm really busy with filming these days, so I have neglected you. I promise that I won't act in a hurry as soon as I finish this TV play. I'll ask for a month off to accompany you. Okay? "

"Yana, you don't have to give up your career just for me. You should speed up, too. You must be a famous star, so that you can recommend my work and film it as TV series! I really hope that in my life, I can see my work on the screen and that you can be the heroine of my play! "

"You little fool, you will see it, I swear! I promise you that I'll be an outstanding actress and serve as your best actress! Well, that's enough. Let's have our breakfast now. " She felt sorry for her brother. She knew his dream and hoped that she could realize his dream.

After spending the whole morning with Joe, the siblings had a good time. Yana didn't leave until Joe was tired and fell asleep. Yana knew that her brother would have died if the suitable heart injection hadn't been done. But the heart that matched him was so few. Thus, he could only wait here for suitable heart to match with his. If he couldn't wait for a long time, he might not last long.

That was her own brother, the same blood running in his body. She had to see her own brother step into the abyss of death. She could not do it, really couldn't do it, but she could do nothing. She could only helplessly watch him suffer from the disease. His body was getting thinner and thinner. His eyes were getting dimmer and dimmer...

Yana crouched down on the ground and began to cry. 'What should I do? What should she do? Why couldn't she trade everything she had for her brother's safety all his life? God, what on earth do you want? What on earth do you want me to do to keep my brother alive safely? Please don't torture us anymore? OK or not? Otherwise, I really don't know how to live on!

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