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   Chapter 26 Gossip 2

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Chapter 26 gossip 2

After Brian left, Albert turned around and walked into the ward. When he saw that Yana was extremely pale, he repeated his words again, "malnourishment, suffering from extreme weakness, and excessive sexual desire! "! Oh, it was ridiculous. She was a girl and it was impossible for her to have too much sexual desire this time? This was a satire, and a satire to Albert and his girlfriend!

Sitting next to Yana, Albert couldn't help but frown when he saw her. He didn't know how he felt, but he was very uncomfortable! It was already seven or eight o'clock in the evening and Yana had woken up. Albert held her arm and walked her out. She left from the back door. The reporters must haven't left yet.

He drove the car back to the villa. After asking Yana to lie down in the bedroom for a while, he called for a takeout, just like the same as the last meal. The delivery food was delivered soon. He put a mobile table on the bed, and then placed the food on the table, so that Yana could have her meal without getting out of bed.

Although Yana didn't feel well, she sat up and ate some food. Then she shook her head and stopped eating. However, Albert kept persuading her to eat more and picked up food for her. Without any resistance, Yana ate up all the food obediently. She didn't stop eating until the food on the table was eaten up.

After throwing the garbage into the garbage can, Albert moved the table down and cleaned the room. After that, he went to bed and hugged Yana, kissing her on the neck tenderly. He could feel that Yana was shivering all over, but she still turned to put her arms around Albert and closed her eyes, allowing him to kiss. 'Come on, Yana. It's not a big deal for both of us. The worst result is to let him sleep with me for one more night. I'm sick, anyway. I don't need to shoot tomorrow, ' Yana thought to herself!

But just as she was getting ready, Albert pushed her away. Startled, Yana immediately opened her eyes and saw a furious face. She didn't know what she had done something wrong to upset him, but she knew he was really mad at her. He put on his clothes and walked out. The door was slammed by him. Not long after, there was the sound of Albert driving away.

Breathing a sigh of relief, Yana lay still on the bed. This kind of thing was like a night escape, wasn't it? Others would only do …… Love was something that could make people feel comfortable. But she couldn't feel it. Every time she did it, she would suffer the pain of narrow death. She would feel the pain of being torn

up every time. While Albert would always act on impulse, no matter how she felt. Well, I'm just a bed slave that he bought on the spur of the moment. As long as he is happy, he can do anything to me, right? '?

Forget it. Anyway, it would be great if she could have a good sleep tonight! Yana turned over and fell asleep.

The car whizzed along the street. Being extremely arrogant, it finally stopped at the door of lux bar. Albert opened the door and entered.

Since Yana moved in with Albert, he was always on time every day. He felt at home. He was fascinated by the scene that Yana washed her hands and cooked for him; the way she enjoyed the sex underneath his body. He went home every time he got off work in order to see her, but he didn't expect her to be like this!

Am I really an animal? Don't you tell me that you are not feeling well? Don't I have to keep bothering you when you're sick? The people he hated most in his life were those who told a lie and those who didn't take care of themselves!

When he arrived at the old place, he saw that Fred and Loren were also there. When they saw that Albert came in with a gloomy face, they both whistled. Loren laughed and said, "Oh, my God, Mr. Albert. Why do you look so discontented? Is it because that minor didn't serve you well? As a minor, how could she be as hot and enthusiastic as women here? What about? There are some new women tonight. Do you want to have a try? "

After that, he sat down and gulped down the wine. Without any expression on his face, he raised his head and looked at Loren. "Okay! I want three! ! P!"

Fred coughed violently and coughed out the wine in his mouth. "Mr. Albert, are you so hungry for sex? One woman wasn't enough, you want two? Is your girlfriend really that bad? How about I go to your home and teach her a lesson? "

Albert threw an empty bottle to him and hit Fred's belly exactly. "No way! "

Fred raised his hands in surrender. He then left with a smile.

The three of them graduated from the same university. Fred was from the very beginning. After graduation, Fred started his own business. Loren's family was not here, but he didn't want to leave. So he opened a bar here. And Albert became the president of Ricky International. So the relationship among the three was very strong!

Before long, Loren brought some girls to the table. Albert pointed at two of them, and the girls sat next to him. They chatted while drinking. It was not until 11 o'clock that they came back to the booth with their women.

It was a sleepless night!

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