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   Chapter 25 Gossip

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25 gossip 1

The next day, after Yana apologized for being late several times, she went to the dressing room to change her clothes and began to work the whole morning. At noon, Brian called her to have lunch. After what had happened yesterday, they were already half friends. But Yana was still a little restrained to Brian.

The laughter coming from the limo made everyone roll their eyes.

As soon as Yana got out of the car and entered the dressing room, she was squeezed by several supporting actresses.

While Mary was wiping the face powder, she said sarcastically, "She is really more annoying than others! She just came here to suck up to the director. She was a supporting actress ranking seventh at first! Ranking eighth! Ranking ninth! Ranking tenth, she suddenly became the supporting actress! But now, she was flattering Brian. Why was this woman so shameless! Will she sell herself for a lifetime? "

Yana's feet stopped. She was in a dilemma. Mary said, "I wonder how many people have done this with her! Well, well, well. Young girls in their twenties had been like this now. Such a depressing atmosphere! '! ……"

Biting her lower lip, Yana walked inside the ward. She kept telling herself, 'Don't care what they said. Just be yourself. It doesn't matter. It really doesn't matter! '!

In the next few days, Yana was very tired. She hardly ate anything before going to bed and fell asleep. However, she still resisted the discomfort of her body if it was for Albert. After all, he was her boss. She was the pet he bought. She needed to prepare for chuck anytime and anywhere! It was not until half a month later that Yana, the supporting actress of the scene, passed out.

Brian was the first one who rushed to the hospital. He held up Yana and got into the car. He drove fast to the hospital. On the way to the hospital, he called Albert for help, but when Brian's car stopped at the hospital gate, a lot of reporters rushed up. Without hesitation, Brian rushed into the emergency room with Yana in his arms. A reporter followed them closely, asking about the relationship between Brian and Yana. But he was stopped by a group of people sent by Albert.

When Albert ran into the room, the doctor was inside and Brian was sitting outside. Albert asked, "How did she pass out? Just a TV play? Why is she so tired? "

"I don't know! We're just doing a scene, and when she gets out of here, she fainted, "

Albert frowned and couldn't believe that she fainted while running? How ridiculous!

At this moment, the doctor came out and asked, "who is the patient's boyfriend?"

Brian gave him a glance and pushed him out. He staggered and stood in front of the doctor. He coughed awkwardly and said, "doctor

, how is my girlfriend?"

"It's malnourishment, weakness and indulgence!"

Hearing that, Albert's eyebrows trembled fiercely. Malnourishment? Damn it! He asked Brian to buy food for Yana every day. Why did Yana would suffer from malnutrition? She was too weak, but why did she sleep with him every night? Excessive sex... 'Damn it! Is it all my fault? You stupid girl!

The doctor rolled his eyes at him and said, "she's only nineteen years old. Can't you just be a little more patient as a man? You are satisfied with the result of troubling her into hospital, aren't you? Men were all animals that thought with their lower part of body! Humph! She has a fever. I'm infusing nutrition into her. She'll be fine after a sleep. " The doctor said and walked away.

Without answering him, Brian gave him a good nudge and gave him a lewd smile. "Wow, you've insulted the nineteen-year-old girl! If mom and dad come back, you'll be beaten up! "

"No one will consider you dumb even if you say something!" Albert lowered his head and gave him an angry look! "Oh, I almost forget. Our sister's coming back. She's taken back by uncle's people, "

Brian seemed not to care much about it and said, "It doesn't matter how crazy she is outside these years, but she is 23 years old now and she should come back when she gets married. If she didn't keep her promise and refused to marry Richie, her uncle must be angry! Although her uncle usually doted on her, he would not allow her to do anything at the critical moment! I met her boyfriend last time when I was filming in France. "

"What do you think of the boy? If she really doesn't want to marry Richie, we should help her. She won't be happy if she marries him. "

Brian shook his head and said, "He is the child of the poor families. The parents are all the farmers. They have to save money to afford an ordinary college student who lives under the condition that they have to go abroad to study! I don't think so! "

"Children from poor families understand that life is tough. They prefer to take good care of their younger sister. If they really love each other, let's go and persuade our uncle. It's not that Richie is not good, it's just that he can't attract little sister's attention! "

"Leave this matter alone. Don't you know our uncle's temper? If he gets angry, I can do nothing! Okay, take her home when Yana wakes up. Have a good rest. I got to go! With such a mess today, I think she may not need to shoot again! " Brian patted his clothes, swung the car keys and walked out.

Fortunately, the driver stopped the other car at the back door. Brian got in the car and left quickly.

Gosh, the gossip would be spread everywhere tomorrow! The headache was unbearable!

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