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   Chapter 23 First Day of Shooting 2

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23 first day of shooting 2

Brian patted the seat next to him and motioned for Yana to sit down. The assistant quickly brought a cup of milk tea for Yana too. After Yana thanked Brian with a smile, she took a sip of it. Brian looked at her with a smile and said, "You are a very talented actor that I have ever seen! But I don't think I have seen you before. "

Feeling embarrassed, Yana scratched her head and said with a smile, "I used to play a bit role. I was a dead man at anytime and anywhere! The most roles in the drama were maids serving customers with tea and water. But it was my dream since I was a child. My family was poor, so I had no money to study in Paris. I had to study alone. Hope you don't mind! "

"Of course not. The entertainment circle is a place full of talents. We never worried about promoting new comers. If you are really talented, then there will be people to admire you! Mr. Henry appreciates your performance very much. Come on! Mr. Henry's play is something many people have been dreaming of. You are very lucky! "

Yana smiled, "Yes, I'm lucky! By the way, Mr. Brian, my brother likes you very much. I told him I was going to work today, and he asked me if there was anyone in my crew. I told him you're in my crew. He was very excited and wanted me to get your autography for him. I don't know if Mr. Brian would like... "

"Okay!" Then, he took out a picture from his bag, signed his name on it and handed it to Yana. Yana carefully caught the pen. Since it was written with a pen, it was very difficult to dry it and might be ruined by others if she was not careful enough.

He put away his pen, looked at her and asked, "How old is your brother? "

"Fifteen! He had congenital heart disease, so he had been in hospital since he was born and seldom went home. And after my parents passed away, the medical treatment for my brother was paid by me. I came from a poor family, but I had to take good care of my brother. Thus, as long as I had the chance, I would act. Even if I could only get 50 dollars, my brother could stay in hospital for a longer time and could live a longer time! "

"I didn't expect you to come from such a poor family! But as you are so optimistic, I believe you can overcome all the difficulties and sufferings! You are very talented. Maybe in a few years, you will be as successful as I am. You may stand on a higher position than me! "

"I'm not that ambitious. I just want to save enough money to cure my brother and then take him to Paris. My brother also likes Paris very much. But he has never been to Paris because of his disease. I have been there once or twice by chance. So I want to take my brother to Paris. So that he can go to the best university and realize his dream in t

he future. I am satisfied with that! "

"Well, your dream will come true one day! "

"Thank you for your encouragement. I will work hard, too! "

They chatted for a while, and then started to work again. The shooting didn't stop until about 1:00 p.m. and they made another new shot. Mr. Henry was satisfied with it and gave the crew lunch boxes to rest for two hours before the shooting started.

Holding her lunch box, Yana sat under the tree and began eating. The simple white rice, fried pork with green pepper, fried eggs with tomato, and a bowl of seafood soup were served to her, and she enjoyed it herself. In the cottage not far away, Brian and his assistants were eating seafood abalones. They had the best food!

Raising her eyebrows, Yana ate the food with no regrets. Suddenly, a man stood in front of her, grabbed her hand and dragged her to the limo. Then he pushed her down on the chair. Stunned, Yana looked at Brian in front of her, but Brian smiled and asked, "what's wrong? I want to give you something delicious to eat. "

Stunned, Yana looked at Brian and nodded. "Thank you, but my lunch box is also very good. "

"What are you talking about! Eat this! " Brian picked up a lobster and put it into the lunch box! You're welcome! "

Yana's face twitched. He was a famous star, while she was just a starlet unknown to public. He must feel sorry for her misfortune? Thinking of this, Yana didn't feel burdened any more. She smiled and said, "Okay. I will invite you to dinner after the filming is completed! But I don't have much money and I have to pay for my brother's medical fees. So I have to invite you to have a meal in my house! "

"Okay!" Brian smiled, showing his teeth and invincible smile.

After lunch, Brian asked her to take a rest in his car, and Yana agreed with a smile. After all, she was a young girl who had never experienced anything dangerous and had no idea of the dark side of the entertainment circle. She just slept in Brian's limo.

They worked for the whole afternoon smoothly and didn't come to an end until seven o'clock in the evening. Exhausted, she squeezed into the bus and went back home. She had to prepare dinner as soon as possible since Albert hadn't come back yet!

Enduring the pain in her body, she braced herself up and went to the kitchen to cook. After cooking in a daze, she fell asleep on the sofa.

While answering the phone, he said, "Okay, I see. You don't have to gossip about her. Thank you for taking care of her Fine, I will give that bottle of red wine to you when you come here next time, okay? Okay, that's enough. Go and chase your girlfriend! " As he finished speaking, he hung up the phone. He turned around and saw Yana sleeping on the sofa like a dead pig.

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