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   Chapter 22 First Day of Shooting

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Day 1

The next morning, when he woke up, he didn't find Yana anywhere. He frowned as he smelt the delicious food. Then, he relaxed his brows, stood up, went to the bathroom, took a shower, and walked out of the room after that.

Yana was making porridge when he caught sight of the serious look on her face. The corners of his mouth twitched. She spooned out some porridge with a small spoon and threw it into her mouth to taste. Then she nodded with satisfaction and filled the bowl with porridge. When she turned around to go to the dining room, she saw Albert standing at the door, grinning like a fool.

"Breakfast is ready. You can have it now, "Said Yana emotionlessly after a pause Then she walked out with porridge in her hands, and returned to the kitchen to serve the dishes she had made. After that, they had breakfast in silence.

After the breakfast, Albert was the first to leave. When Yana carried the bowl and chopsticks into the kitchen, he started driving the car and disappeared soon. Yana carefully put the remaining rice and the dishes into the insulation barrel before going to the hospital.

These days, Joe's body looked pretty good. He had to be treated on time and taken medicine on time. His face also looked good. Yana put down the insulation barrel, took out the food inside and handed it to Joe. Seeing that Joe enjoyed the food, Yana couldn't help laughing, "Joe, it seems that you are in good condition now. As long as you can hold on, you will soon recover. You should cheer up! I've been busy with my work recently, so my schedule is not regular. But I'll definitely come to see you sometime. You can't always be late for my cooking. You can call me if you miss me. If you have any physical problems, you must tell the doctor. Don't rely on yourself. Got it? "

Joe nodded and said, "Yana, which big star is on the crew? "

"The hero is Brian and the heroine is Emily. I'm the supporting role. "

"Really? And Brian? Could you please help me get an autograph from Brian? "

Yana sighed with profound resignation. "Okay, I see. " She smiled and left.

Today was the first day of work, so Yana went to the set very early. However, when she arrived there, all the workers were already preparing for the makeup. Yana, who was gasping for air, apologized to them and then started to put on makeup.

As for the shooting of the TV series, the leading man left his hometown and flew around Shanghai City, but was saved by the supporting actress. That was why Yana was

there today! The make-up artist was Anna, who had painted a face of a sister and wore a dress that was created in the Republic of China. She was so beautiful!

Everything was ready now. The video started from a busy street. The hero first arrived in this city, but he didn't have the ability to do anything. He was also pursued. The whole street was crowded with noise. The female supporting role played by Yana was a lady who walked out of the rehearsal room to have fun. The hero ran into the female supporting role and it was a slow motion. The hero turned around and hugged the female supporting role, who was spinning with paper flying all over the sky. Their eyes met each other tightly. At this moment, the female supporting role fell in love with the hero.

The female supporting role was the daughter of the boss of Shanghai City, so she immediately saved the man when she saw him being chased. Yana performed perfectly in this scene. She was like a woman from a rich family. She pointed at those men in a sullen voice and said, "I will protect this man in the future. Whoever dares to make trouble for him, I will never let him go! Fuck off! "

After that, everyone left with her shouting. The supporting actress turned around and looked at the leading man. Her eyes and brows were filled with a adolescent smile. The flowers faded and the sun could not open its eyes because of the smile. The leading man also looked at her, looking at her innocent smile. His heart was flooding with joy.

"Stop! Enough! " He gave the order. Yana let out a long breath. Brian's assistant came with a cup of coffee. Another assistant came with a chair, looking after Brian carefully.

Yana shrugged. 'This is fate! He is an international superstar. Not like her, she didn't even reach the second tier! Pursing her lips, she smiled and sat next to Mr. Henry. She saw clearly what she just shot, and the director was doing the editing and special effects. After editing, the effect was indeed more gorgeous! Yana heaved a sigh of admiration and said, "Well done! Mr. Henry is indeed a leading director in our country. You're so cool! "

"Well, not bad! These days, she had shot so many scenes, but this one had passed once! Yana, well done! " Hearing the praise from Mr. Henry, Yana nodded happily.

Right at this moment, a man ran to Yana. Yana turned around and saw Brian smiling at her. Yana knew it was him calling her, so she trotted to him and asked respectfully, "Mr. Brian, why are you calling me? "

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