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   Chapter 21 I Sold My Body to Him 3

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I sold my body to him 3

Stunned, Yana didn't know how to respond. She wanted to turn Albert down, but she couldn't! Closing her eyes and taking a deep breath, Yana crouched down again and washed his lower body with her trembling hands. Then, suddenly, he flew into a rage and pushed Yana's hand away, growling, "Get out of here! "

Albert pushed Yana so hard that she fell to the ground. She looked at him blankly for a long while before she realized what was happening. Then she got up and walked out. In a rage, he was too angry to say anything when he saw her resigned herself to fate. Should a woman be as cheap as this? Yana, you're a bitch!

Walking out of the bathroom, Yana didn't know whether she should leave here or not. He had to stand against the wall. She was wet with water all over her body. She was afraid that she might break the furniture here again because of her carelessness. In that case, she had to compensate more. She didn't want to owe Albert anything anymore, which would only make her more embarrassed!

It took him half an hour to take a shower in the bathroom before he came out. He glanced coldly at Yana, who was standing upright in the corner of the wall. Then he went straight to bed and leaned against the bed watching the ice hockey match. Albert didn't ask her to leave, and even Yana didn't dare to.

While he was watching the ice hockey match in the sports channel, and he loved ice hockey very much, he was watching the match with his hands under his head, without even casting a look at Yana. Finally, the game came to an end with the winning of team A two hours later. He shouted excitedly, turned off the TV and turned off the light. All of a sudden, the room was dark.

But Yana didn't move. It was already cold in the aut

umn evening. It was not until she saw that Albert's breathing gradually became normal that she huddled up and trembled to the corner of the wall. The temperature varied greatly between day and night in C City. People who wore short sleeves and shorts at noon even sweated profusely, but it was chilly all over the night. 'If I caught a cold tomorrow, I would be screwed up because I will start filming officially, 'She thought with sadness!

Trembling with fear, Yana thought of her brother, and her late parents. Her brother hadn't completely recovered yet, and if she was sick, she would spend much money again, then she had to She had to hold on and couldn't fall! But what could she do? It's so cold! Why didn't he turn on the heat? Didn't he feel cold? Right, he slept in bed covered with a thick quilt, how could he feel cold? But she was still wearing a thin shirt. The coldness was the only feeling at this moment. She could feel the pain of fighting between her teeth!

Suddenly, he lifted the quilt off the bed. Startled, Yana hastily tried to get up, but her hands and feet were numb with cold, so she fell to the ground. He turned on the light and held her onto the bed.

Yana knew that he actually wanted her to get warm, so she didn't hesitate to tightly hold on to the quilt. The warm feeling came, but she was shivering with cold. He slowly lay down on the bed and reached out his hands to hug her. She was really cold, with her hands and feet as cold as ice. Her clothes were stained with water, which was even colder. Thus, Albert easily took off his clothes and threw them on the ground. He tightly held her naked body.

It seemed that she had someone to rely on, Yana threw her arms around his waist tightly and started to feel the warmth from his body.

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