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   Chapter 20 Adapt to the New Identity 2

The Closer I Get to You By UNA KAIN Characters: 4895

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After the dinner, she cleaned up the table and poured the leftovers into the trash can. Then she took an empty plate and empty bowls to wash in the kitchen. Albert took out his computer and began to work, his fingers chattering on the computer. The room was very quiet. Only the sound of Yana washing the dishes and the sound of Albert typing on the computer could be heard.

After a short while, Yana finished washing the dishes and came out. Her hands were still wet. She rubbed her apron and took off it. When she was about to take her bag and leave, Albert ordered without raising his head, "Make me a cup of coffee and put the bath water in it."

Hearing what he said, Yana was stunned for a second. Then she got it and made a cup of coffee for him. After putting sugar and milk in it, she took the coffee to him. After that, she turned around and walked into the bedroom to prepare a bath.

While he was working, he lowered his head and took a sip of the coffee. However, he couldn't help frowning. He never drank sweet coffee! He was about to ask Yana to make coffee again when he saw her busy in the bedroom. He quietly turned off the computer and walked in. Yana was washing his dirty clothes in the bathroom.

Leaning against the door of the bedroom, Albert fixed his eyes on Yana who was busy with her work. Something hit him. Suddenly, Yana put down the stuff in her hand and ran to the bathroom to turn off the tap. Then she reached her hands into the bathtub to make sure that it was right. When she got out of the bathroom and found that he was standing at the door, she didn't know when.

After a short pause, Yana said, "Mr. Albert, the bath water is ready. You can go in and take a shower now. "

He stood up and answered casually, "Okay. " Then he walked to the bathroom to take off his clothes. Yana was stunned. Her eyes were fixed on Albert!

Yana couldn't help cursing him in her heart. But right at this moment, Albert suddenly turned around and stood in front of Yana. He bent over and looked into her eyes. Startled, Yana was about to step back. But when he suddenly pulled her into his arms, Yana bumped into his strong and solid chest, making her nose askew!

With a faint smile on his lips, Albert looked at her and said, "Yana, you're finally back! "

"What? Oh. " Regaining her composure, Yana took a small step backward to keep a distance from Albert. "Mr. Albert, what did you call me for? "

She asked

"Come in and help me!" Then he went straight to the bathroom, but his words left Yana stunned.

What? Did he ask her to help him with the shower? Are you kidding me? Don't say something like that!

While Yana was still wailing, Albert, who was waiting inside, shouted impatiently, "Yana, what are you waiting for? Are you still waiting for me to invite you in? "

"Oh," Yana said weakly and walked towards the bathroom. After all, she was brought back by Albert? She didn't dare to disobey whatever he said; if he asked her to kick the dogs out, she dared not to catch a chick. All in all, what he said was the decree, and she had no right to say no!

Realizing this, Yana didn't feel awkward anymore. She walked into the bathroom. Albert was lying in the bathtub. Fortunately, the white bubbles prevented her from seeing anything. As soon as Yana walked in, a towel flew over and patted directly on her face. Then he said in an arrogant voice, "Rub my back! "

Embarrassed, Yana took the towel off her face. Biting her lips, she walked towards the tub and squatted down. With the towel in her hand, she started to rub his back. "Don't you have dinner? You are not strong enough! "

Yana frowned, but obediently rubbed his back harder. Then she felt it was really troublesome to hold a towel, so she threw it away and rubbed his back with her hands. Yana, however, was at a loss for words. She had rubbed the back for a long while, but there was nothing left! She shook her sore hand and said, "Mr. Albert, it's very clean now. "

"Look! The front also need washing! " Albert said with his eyes closed. Yana had no choice but to accept her fate.

When her little hand reached his chest, the feeling was just like a small snake sliding down from his heart. The tiny electric current was all over his body. His nerves were trembling!

But he didn't move and let her do whatever she wanted. He closed his eyes comfortably, hoping that her hands could move down a little bit. But just as he was expecting, Yana's hand moved away quickly as if it had been struck by lightning. She blushed.

Yana's hand left from his body when he felt comfortable. He opened his eyes and looked at her unpleasantly. "Somewhere else must be washed too. It's dirty! "


"If you don't listen to me, you know what the consequence will be!"

Yana's face went pale when she heard this. She couldn't afford the consequence!

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