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   Chapter 18 an Episode in Supermarket

The Closer I Get to You By UNA KAIN Characters: 4871

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Although Yana said these words, she still bought some food that he liked to eat. No matter how he treated her, she had to thank him for helping her so much on this matter. Although it was him who did it, she would not become the supporting actress if it was not him. She even lost her virginity to the camera! The dinner was supposed to be a reward for his help!

So Yana bought a lot of things and strolled in the supermarket. While walking, she made a call to Albert to ask him what he wanted to eat and then selected carefully. Although she was buying what he liked, she still said that it was nice to let him eat more vegetables, which was simply not what he wanted. Both of them quarreled on the phone.

Yana pushed the shopping cart with one hand, and played with her phone with the other hand. She still needed to focus on the food, so she turned around and hit someone. The man was still sitting on a wheelchair, with a big shopping basket in his arms. As a result, everything in the basket was scattered. Behind him there was a well maintained woman pushing a wheelchair.

Startled, Yana shrieked and hung up the phone. Yana put her phone away, walked to the couple, bent down and apologized, "I'm sorry, sir and madam. I didn't mean it! Please forgive me! "

The woman smiled gently and said, "there's no need to apologize. We bumped into each other because we didn't see the road clearly. Honey, are you okay? "

The man in the wheelchair nodded expressionlessly. His gentle wife squatted down and wanted to pick up the items on the ground. However, Yana quickly squatted down and put the items into the basket. Then she handed the basket to his beautiful wife. The beautiful lady took the food with a smile. She looked at the shopping cart of food and said, "eat such high protein food together. It's easy to get sick! You can choose some broccoli and other green vegetables. My daughter should be two years older than you. She is also very picky about food! "

Yana smiled, "really? But this is not for me! For a tyrant! " A few seconds later, her phone rang again. She took it out and found it was from Albert. She answered it and said, "Hello? "

"Yana, you're a grownup now. How dare you hang up on me? Do you want to die? What happened? "

Yana quickly said, "Nothing serious. I was shopping in a supermarket and accidentally bumped into an uncle and aunt. I was startled, but I'm fine now. I haven't

finished yet. I'll cook for you when I finish shopping. When do you go home? Half past seven? "

"Uh huh." he hung up the phone and cleared his throat, saying to the staff in front of him, "well, you can go on with the meeting now!"


After hanging up the phone, Yana raised her head and smiled at the couple. "I'm sorry. I have to buy some groceries and cook dinner now. If it's too late, that tyrant will play a trick on me again! Bye! "

"Bye!" The beautiful lady smiled and pushed the wheelchair past Yana.

The beautiful lady pushed the wheelchair to pick up fresh vegetables. Suddenly, the man's cell phone rang. The man received the phone and said coldly, "didn't I say it earlier? Get Miss back at all costs! Tell people in Country B that if Miss doesn't come back, I'll send people to fly to New York! " The man hang up the phone angrily.

The pretty woman behind him smiled helplessly and said, "my daughter doesn't like Richie. What can you do by forcing her like this? Richie was a nice man, but Are you happy as long as our daughter is unhappy? "

The man frowned and said, "what are you talking about? My daughter means everything to me. How could I be happy when I see her unhappy? But I know that Mr. Gu won't make our daughter happy. He's not a reliable man! Staying with my daughter was nothing but a lie to money! I think Richie is the best. We've known him since he was a child. He is one year younger than our daughter, but I just like him! Your daughter must be forced to do that! If she dare to run out again, I'll break her legs! "

The beautiful lady smiled and said, "well, at this moment, she is my daughter, but not your daughter? The more you get involved in this, the more rebellious our daughter will be! If Richie really loved Christine, no matter what Christine did to him, he would not give up! You're not young any more. You don't need to worry about that. "

"Why am I worrying about nothing? I did this for my daughter! I'm afraid that Christine has been cheated! "

"How could your own daughter be cheated? Besides, even if she was cheated, she still has so many brothers to help her. She won't be bullied! "

"She'll be done when she gets cheated! You have to coordinate with me on this thing. You can't indulge Christine any more. "

The beautiful woman knew that she couldn't stop him. Shaking her head helplessly, she pushed him and continued shopping.

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