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   Chapter 17 Meeting Brian at the First Sight

The Closer I Get to You By UNA KAIN Characters: 5506

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She met Brian for the first time

Anna quickly took Yana to the photostudio. Everything was ready except for Yana's arrival. The moment Yana stepped in the ward, everyone was shocked, including Yana and the employees. They had been in TV plays for a long time, and they had met all kinds of popular stars, including coquettish, cold coquettish, beautiful or refined stars. But it was the first time that they had seen a person like Yana even with delicate makeup!

People began to doubt if such a little girl could make a lady who had been petulant from her childhood into a lady?

With a smile, Henry said, "Yana, I'm not mistaken! Now get in your position! Let's start! "

Yana was going to perform a dance performance. The moment the music came out, she started to dance trippingly. Although Yana had never been to a professional film academy, she had been born in a wealthy family. Her parents had arranged many training courses for her. She had studied many years, such as dancing, playing the piano, martial arts and so on. Knowing that her family was having a crisis and her family declined, she had no choice but to give up on them. However, she had studied for more than ten years and she could still find the opportunity to improve herself at critical moment.

She was so focused that she didn't even notice the arrival of another super star.

Brian was still wearing his frock clothes, sitting cross-legged next to Henry.

Seeing him coming, Henry asked, "Why are you here? "

Raising his eyebrows, Brian replied, "I heard that you've got a beauty for me, so I'm here to see what she looks like! Well, not bad! She shouldn't be the supporting actress. She should be the heroine! "

"But I think that as long as this TV series is shown to the public, many people will surely want to watch her and make her the leading actress of the next TV series!"

"Are you boasting yourself?" Brian smiled and said, "has she been here before?"

"Yes! She would have joined the group if Mr. Albert didn't stop her! Unfortunately, he has offended Mr. Albert. Mr. Albert deliberately forbade me to give her a role. It seems that she made an apology to Mr. Albert, so he was particularly kind to ask me to give her a female supporting role. "

"This guy never changes! How could he do this to such a beautiful girl! "

"So do you! Cheng's family are all evil! "

Laughing loudly, Brian stood up and walked up to Yana. He held one of Yana's hands and put the other around Yana's waist and said, "Hi, beauty. Do you mind if I dance with you? "

Yana looked at him in shock, she blushed, "Are you Brain? "

"That's right!" Brian gave her a charming smile and asked, "can you dance with me?"

Yana nodded shyly. Then, Brian a

nd Yana began to dance hand in hand with the beautiful music.

Of course, today's audition was a great success. Mr. Henry told her to go back first and to shoot the first scene tomorrow. As for Brian, he kept on making progress as he needed to shoot a night scene. She waved goodbye to them, turned around and left.

She walked on the road, jumping and kicking. She had finally played an important role! The female supporting role! That way, she would be closer to the leading actress! Excellent!

But all of a sudden, it dawned on her that whether she was able to get this role was played by Albert? It must be him! She had refused to act with him a few days ago. However, she had been in trouble since then. It was not until now that she had agreed to work with him that the chance for shooting had come. It must be him who had plotted it! So she must behave herself and restrain herself from offending him. After this TV series was finished, she would have no time to think about anything else!

Thinking of this, Yana decided to return to blue water bay. When she passed by a supermarket, she remembered that there was nothing in the fridge besides a few eggs and a few buckets of instant noodles when she cooked in the morning. Never mind. In order to thank him, she would make a good dinner for him in the next three months!

After walking into the supermarket and wandering around in the vegetable zone for a long time, Yana suddenly realized that she didn't know what Albert wanted to eat. As soon as she took out her phone, she didn't know his number. So she put it back to the pocket unwillingly. The moment she put it back, the phone rang.

Yana hurried to take out her phone. When she saw the caller's name was "Husband, " she took the phone gloomily and answered, "Hello, I'm... "

"What took you so long to answer the phone? The phone rang for five seconds !"

"Who knows? I'm still in a bad mood. Who saved my husband's number! What's the matter If you don't have anything else, I'll go shopping. "

"To buy vegetables?" "I like seafood, so you can buy more seafood. But I even don't eat onions, scallion, garlic or anything else, "he added

Yana cursed inwardly, 'Damn you! You're such a picky eater! You should keep yourself balanced? You're so picky about food. Are you worried about malnutrition or that you have an excess nutrition? "

Suddenly, there came a sneer from the other end of the phone. He said in a cold voice, "I've been such a picky eater since I was a child. Do you still think that with my body and my performance the other night, will you still think that I am suffering from malnourishment or excess nutrition? "

Yana thought for a moment and added in her heart, "You jerk! Get out! "

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