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   Chapter 16 Acting the Female Supporting Role

The Closer I Get to You By UNA KAIN Characters: 5007

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She acted as the supporting actress

After paying the medical fees, Yana went to see Joe. Behind the glass on the door, Yana saw that Joe was writing a novel with a notebook and a bright smile on his face. He thought that his dream was coming true. Looking at Joe's pretty face, Yana suddenly felt that everything she had done was worth it!

She took a deep breath, opened the door and walked in. It was Joe who greeted her with a smile and he continued writing. At this moment, he seemed to think of a lot of magical scenes and words, so he sped up to write these words. Otherwise he would forget about the scene at that moment!

Seeing that her brother was so focused on writing, Yana didn't have the heart to disturb him. She put the tablet computer that she had bought him on the table and watched Joe writing on the notebook carefully.

An hour passed, and Yana found that Joe had been writing for a long time, so she couldn't help but say, "Joe, please don't write anymore! You have written for so long. Your hands are tired! Or, you tell me, I'll write it for you? "

Joe thought for a while and said, "Okay! " He handed the notebook to Yana. Yana caught the notebook and lay prone on the bed. She wrote what Joe told her. Yana had been helping Joe write this morning. Yana shook her sore arm and watched him sleeping on the bed. After tucking him in, she turned around and left the room.

Wearing a knitted coat, white jeans and a pair of cheap canvas shoes, Yana took a walk in the afternoon park. It wasn't the time to go to work yet, so she had a few hours to rest. She lay prone on the small stone table of the park and was about to have a rest. Just as she sat down, her phone rang. When Yana saw it was Mr. Henry, she answered the phone and said, "Hello, Mr. Henry. I'm Yana! " "Yana, come here and take a screen test! The female supporting actress fell off from the horse when she was acting yesterday and broke her leg, so she couldn't act in the movie anymore. I think you're the right person for her. Are you free now? "

"I Of course I have time. But a few days ago, you said that I wasn't allowed to act your TV series, didn't you? Or else you would have been withdrawn the capital. Then you can't screen this TV series. How could it be now... "

"Well, I'm not sure about that. After all, I recommended you to the top, and the results were all good! Do you have time? If you do, come to my place before 3 o'clock. " "Okay, I have time. I'm going now!" After hangi

ng up, Yana hailed a taxi heading to the base.

When she arrived at the set, Mr. Henry was instructing actors and actresses to shoot a romantic scene. The hero was trying to run away because he killed a person. He was leaving the heroine on the wharf, it was drizzling. The heavy rain hit the heaven and earth, and even the soft peach flowers fell to the ground, as if they broke wings and flew powerlessly. The hero and the heroine hugged tightly at the wharf, tears streaming down their faces.

It was a very beautiful picture, especially with the intimate behavior of two super stars with the same strength and idol, making it even more beautiful and touching.

Yana attentively watched the romantic drama of Brian and Emily. They were indeed the big stars in a country's film industry. Their acting was awesome! If I can act with them, I will surely learn a lot! '

In the heavy rain, the hero was separated from the heroine. The hero stood on the ship and waved to the heroine, with his eyes full of sadness and unwillingness. Their expressions were very suitable.

"Hi, Yana," he greeted as he took a sip of water

"Mr. Henry, this TV series will certainly be the most popular one under your guidance! "

"Thanks! By the way, let's have a talk in the lounge, shall we? "

"Okay!" Holding her handbag, Yana followed him into the lounge.

"You need to play the supporting actress in the play. The hero ran to Shanghai and then met a lady who came from a rich family. The lady picked the hero up and recommended him to her father's secret society. After that, he became famous there. The lady from a rich family liked the hero very much. She was willing to give up everything for the hero and it moved him. However, the hero still couldn't forget his childhood sweetheart in his hometown. Then it was a love triangle between the hero, heroine and the supporting actress. Do you understand? " "Okay, I got it!"

"Well, then get yourself ready. We'll take a screen test later. "


"Anna, come here and help Yana with her makeup. "

After these words, a girl walked up to them and started to make up for Yana. After a short while, a clean and honest girl of Republic style appeared in the mirror. Anna smiled and said, "Wow, you're the most beautiful star of the movie stars I've painted and you have the best skin! You are so beautiful! "

"I'm flattered!"

Just then, outside the ward, Henry asked, "Anna, are you ready? She was going to take a screen test!

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