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   Chapter 14 Give Up Dignity

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It was completely dark outside when Yana left the hospital. She didn't know what to do as she was standing at the gate of the hospital. She hadn't bought the tablet she had promised to buy for her brother, and her brother's medical fees had also gone. He had been forced to stop taking his medicine and been driven out of the hospital. She hadn't paid back the money she owed to Albert yet. What's more, she had lost her job, and she could only earn a job of this restaurant. But she could only earn about tens of thousands of dollars a month. She had to save every penny or even if she had to save her life for a dozen years before she could pay back his money

My God! Can you stop torturing me like this? Can you open your eyes and see why the rich could be so rich? The poor must be so poor? Why don't you let my brother have a healthy body, or let me bear the pain for him? Please don't tease me like that any more?

A sharp pain shot through Yana's head as she hit the floor. What on earth should she do? Mom and Dad, you are the ones who tell me what should I do? I can't do that! What if I do to my brother? What if she could save her brother and lost her dignity? As long as her brother was alive, she would do anything!

Should she go to ask Albert for help? His words still lingered in her mind. If I had begged him, things wouldn't have been so easy to solve and he would have tortured and humiliated her a hundred times more than before? Yana was a little scared. But how about her brother? Among all the people she knew, the only one who could help her at the moment was none other than Albert?

Never mind. In order to make her brother happy, she would bear whatever he wanted to do to her. It was only three months, wasn't it? Well, I'll fight it out with you, Albert!

With that, she stood up and headed for the blue water bay.

The security guards of the blue water bay villa all let her in as they saw that Yana didn't stop them. But the last security guard had already intimidated them.

Yana wasn't surprised. He knew she would turn to him for help, so he must have informed the security guards. Yana went to the B building and took the elevator to the sixth floor. Standing in front of the 601 floor, she hesitated for a while. Thinking of her brother,

she finally knocked the door, but nobody came out for a long time. She paused for a second and then knocked at the door hard.

It was only after fifteen minutes that the door was opened. Standing outside the door, Albert was sweating. He was only wearing a pair of flat trousers. Looking at the person who was calling him Yana, without any emotion on his face, he walked into the house again. Yana followed him in and closed the door behind him.

He then walked into the bedroom and lay down on the bed. He stretched out his hands and held the woman in front of him in his arms, kissing her affectionately as he asked, "what can I do for you? I have work to do now! "

Yana cursed a stud in her heart, but acted like a wife. "Mr. Albert, I I promise you! "

"Really? What do I want? I'm sorry. I didn't remember what I promised you? Why can't I remember? Tell me! "

Biting her lower lip, Yana said, "You said I'll stay with you for three months. Then give me ten million. Of course, I don't have the right to ask so much now. I just want the rest of the money! "

Holding the soft body under his body, he smiled and said, "honey, have you heard that? There is no such a bitch in the world. When I was interested in her, she pretended to be pure and refused to accept me. Now I have you, but she comes to beg me to marry her! Hahaha! "

"Mr. Albert, I must be obedient, right? "

Seeing that, Molly could not help but burst into laughter. After a short pause, he added, "women must be as obedient as you are, or else they won't be loved and cared by men! But she is so poor. Can we give her a chance? "

"You can do whatever you want! "

"Good girl! " Turning his head to look at the mischievous woman standing by the bed, he sneered, "Yana, I can do whatever you want me to do, but you have to let me know whether the woman worth ten million! "

"What do you want? ?

He kissed on Molly's forehead and said, "I bought you to warm up my bed, so I want to know whether the tools I bought are worth it or not! Come up! "

Hearing this, Yana bit her lips and looked at him angrily? There was another woman on his bed, and he just let her

"Thirdly Second... "

Yana immediately took off her shoes and climbed onto the bed, but she didn't dare to come any closer.

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