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   Chapter 13 Get Into Trouble

The Closer I Get to You By UNA KAIN Characters: 5123

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When the crowd dispersed, Yana slowly stood up, walked over to Albert, clenched his clothes and said, "Mr. Albert, thank you for saving my life. "

"You're welcome! I don't want to owe me 500 thousand plus a dress worth two hundred and eighty thousand. This is seventy-eight thousand in total. It's just a piece of cake for me, but it's more than enough to threaten a person with such money! Do you think so? "

"I When did I owe you a dress? I thought I gave it to you. " But Yana didn't have the confidence to say that, because she knew there was a hole in that dress, but she had already mended it Seriously?

"You paid me back? But you forgot that it's an old one! How can I give it to others? So you have to pay for this loss! But now you are down and out in the world to come to the restaurant to serve dishes. It is estimated that you haven't got the money from the restaurant in a month? Why don't you consider my proposal? I've told you that if you came to beg me, you wouldn't be so kind to me! "

"I don't need your help! Mr. Albert, I will pay you back! " Then, she passed his coat to him, turned around and walked away in an arrogant manner.

He sneered and looked at Yana who was so embarrassed but was unwilling to drop her pride. 'Well, I will let you know what is self-esteem!

Molly walked to him and held his arm with her hands, acting like a spoiled child. "Mr. Albert, what happened? I just went to the bathroom. Why are you here? Who was that girl? Does she owe you money? "

"Honey, don't worry about this kind of thing! By the way, do you like the dress I gave you today? "

"Of course I do! That was the newest Chanel model this year! Tens of thousands! But I don't remember there is a red plum blossom on that dress? But you look still very beautiful! "

"Really?" With a hint of mockery in his eyes, he continued, "this is unique for you. You are just like red plum blossoms. You are so beautiful and charming that I cannot get rid of you! " While saying that, he pulled up Molly's chin with one of his hands frivolously and gave her a gentle kiss on her cheek. Seeing that, the woman could not help but complain in a coquettish tone, "Mr. Albert, there are a lot of people here! Don't do that! A moment later Where there are few people I'm making it now! "

After hearing what she said, he burst into laughter and said, "Okay! Then we'd better not eat anything. I'll be full if I eat you! Let's go! " After that, they went out of Shangri-La restaurant together and left in their car.

This was a huge insult

to Yana. The manager ran to the dressing room to comfort her and ask her to go home to rest. Yana nodded, "I'm sorry, manager It was a great loss to the restaurant, wasn't it? "

"Don't worry. Mr. Albert has paid all the losses. "

Yana frowned and wondered, 'how could this man Did he do this to make her owe him one more favor? What a petty man! 'Forget it. He's solved the problem for her tonight, so I won't scold him anymore!' thought Yana! After getting changed, Yana dragged herself towards the cabin. However, hardly had she walked out of the restaurant when her phone rang in her pocket. She quickly picked it up and said, "Hello, this is Yana. " "Miss Yana, I'm a nurse from the central hospital. Your brother has a sudden heart attack. He's in the operating room. Please come as soon as possible. " "What?" Yana stood there, as if struck by lightning. Joe had had a heart operation, and he would be discharged in just one month? How come How could he have a heart attack?

But she didn't have time to think it through. Yana rushed to the hospital. When she arrived, Joe had already been out of the operating room. She grabbed the doctor's hand and said, "doctor, my brother has already received an operation, hasn't he recovered? How could it be? What happened? "

"Miss Yana, I'm sorry. The operation was very successful, but That's why your brother's condition is so different from the operation on a bridge. It's not effective enough to make him suffer. "

"What?" She sank into the bench, deep in thought It turned out to be like this! "Doctor, is my brother Is he still alive? "

"Well Your brother is inborn, and it is nearly impossible to cure his heart disease Unless we find the suitable heart, but the success rate is still very low! "

"Then Can my heart be fine? Joe and I are siblings. I think my heart should match his most! "

"Miss Yana, please don't say that! No way! "

"Why not? As long as it can save my brother, I will try it even if it is only one percent possibility! "

"No, no, No. If this is the case, then what's the difference between murdering people and murder? I won't do that if you put this idea out of your mind! And your brother will never agree to it! I'm leaving now. Think carefully about it. "

Sitting on the bench, Yana closed her eyes painfully? What should I do? Did I really have no way out? But just in the middle of her grief, she heard a big news that the medical fees had been running out, and if they were not paid back tomorrow, her brother could not even stay in the hospital!

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