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   Chapter 12 Being Saved

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Yana kept her brother company in the hospital until it was time for work. She left the hospital in a hurry. Standing in front of the dressing mirror, Yana put on the clothes of the waitress. With a big smile, she said, "come on, Yana! You are the best! "

After she cheered herself up, she went out and began to work. As the night shift was from 6 p.m. to 12 p.m., she had to work very hard and not make any mistake!

Standing in the hall, the manager couldn't help but nod in approval when he saw how hard Yana was working. 'This girl is not only beautiful but also hardworking. She has a bright future!' he thought!

Yana was busy with her work. She shuttled in the hall to serve the dishes. She smiled at every customer and did her work carefully and humbly. Suddenly, a man and a woman came in from the gate. They looked like a couple. The man was handsome and the woman was sexy and beautiful. Such a couple was admirable! However, in the eyes of Yana, it was nothing but contempt, because the man who came was nobody else, and it was Albert!

A beautiful and sexy girl was hanging at his arm. Of course, Yana knew her. She was the new actress of Expected Film Company named Molly Ke and had been looking forward to meeting her recently. Expected Film Company was an independent film and television company, they chose the angle cautiously. If they couldn't meet the requirements in form, dance, expression and language, no matter how powerful their background was, they couldn't get into the company. She didn't expect that he could be so smart that he could get the actress he wanted!

She felt unfair to herself when she thought of the fact that she couldn't even play the female supporting role because of this man and looked at the seductive face of Molly Ke! Was the world really so dark? Could she become famous only when she had someone supporting her? No, she would never compromise!

Yana glared at Albert with burning, reproachful eyes. But the Albert looked back as if he was staring at something behind. Yana lifted the tray to cover her face and left the room. She didn't feel relieved until she ran to the kitchen in the back. The manager gave her a pat on the shoulder. Startled, she immediately turned around.

Looking at her frightened expression, the manager asked, "what's wrong? What happened? "

"Of course not."

The manager said, "Oh, since you're all right, then put all these to No. 6 seat in area B."

"Okay!" Yana picked up the tray on the table and started to walk towards the door. From a distance, she saw Albert and his beautiful date

sitting in the innermost part of B, and they were leaning against the window glass. She wondered whether they would see her?

Yana frowned. 'Yana, why are you so afraid of him? Didn't she owe him 500 thousand? When she saved enough money, she would pay it back! Yes, that's it! Thinking of this, Yana walked over to the table with her head held high. She put down the dishes one by one and said respectfully to the two men, "Sir, your dishes have been served. What kind of service do you need? '

The two men exchanged glances with each other, and one of them squinted at Yana and said, "Yes! Of course! We would like to have a drink with this beautiful lady. "

Upon hearing that, Yana's face changed dramatically, but she pretended to be calm. "I'm sorry, sir. This is a high-class restaurant. It doesn't serve hostesses. "

"It doesn't matter. I can give you tip! How about five hundred? Come and drink with us! Come on! Don't say no! " Yana panicked and said, "I'm sorry, sir. I'm not a barmaid. I don't need your money. "

"Don't be so pretentious? Is it not enough? What about the one thousand? Just one drink! Come on, drink! "

Yana had no choice but to drink a glass of wine and try to leave. When she finished drinking, the two men held her and held her into their arms. Startled, Yana shouted loud, and one of the men began to kiss her in public!

"Help! Help! "

"Stop shouting. No one will come here to save you! Bro, cover her mouth! Don't let her shout again! "

"Okay! "Another man covered her mouth with his hand.

Although this was a restaurant, there were many single rooms. As the door was closed, she could see nothing. Then Yana was dragged in by these two men.

Just as Yana thought she was going to get away, the door was suddenly smashed open and the man leaning on her was thrown out. The other man in the house who held her mouth snapped and his hand was broken, rolling on the ground in pain

A silver grey suit jacket was put down from Yana's shoulders. The coat looked so familiar. It was the suit that Albert wore when he came in? Yana gripped her clothes tightly and sobbed in the corner.

The man who was beaten rose to his feet, pointed angrily at Albert, and said, "You bastard! Are you tired of living? Do you know who I am? I'm the young master of the Zhong Fa Group. How dare you hit me? Do you want to die? "

"Ricky International and tell your daddy that I'm going to take over your company!" They were stunned by Albert's words. "Get out!" he shouted

The two men looked at each other and left the restaurant in a hurry.

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