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   Chapter 11 No Compromise

The Closer I Get to You By UNA KAIN Characters: 4912

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Walking alone in the busy street of C City, Yana raised her head to look at the crowds. Everyone was making a living. It was hard for them, but they all had a hopeful smile on their faces. Even though they were complaining, they were happier than those who hadn't made any complaints?

Yana crouched down and held her head in her hands, anguished. She lost her job. What should she do next? But she couldn't buy the iPad she had promised to buy for her brother. What about all her expenses after he was discharged from the hospital? Was she really going to beg that evil man? 'No, Yana, you can't compromise. You can't compromise to that evil man!

The show was broadcasting the latest jewelry and clothing produced by Ricky International. It was the dreamy clothes of young girls. After the introduction, the host was interviewing the CEO of Ricky International. Until then, she found that the hateful man had such an artistic name. The man's name was Albert Cheng!

He was dressed in a well cut, decent suit. His smile was gentle and clear, and his words were very sensible. But in Yana's eyes, all these were so hypocritical. Because he would not be deceived by his hypocritical appearance again after seeing that terrible side of him!

Then she stood up and went to an advertising company to apply for a job. She had a pretty good image. That was why her former employer had liked her very much. The interviewer had promised her that he would hire her. They would fill in the resume. Once the interviewer knew her name, he had filled the interviewer in and turned her down!

All the advertising companies were like this! Yana could not help but think that this guy was a man of his word. If she didn't compromise, he might really make her unable to live in this city! But who on earth was this guy? She didn't believe that a businessman like him could do whatever he wanted in C City? 'I can't compromise! I can't compromise!'!

Yana cheered herself up! Suddenly she noticed that a restaurant was recruiting waiters, whose monthly salary was about four or five thousand. Since the entertainment industry in C City couldn't tolerate her anymore, she didn't ask for so much salary. As long as her brother could get a stable life after he left the hospital, she didn't care how hard she worked!

Thinking of this, Yana bit her lip and walked into the restaurant. Fortunately, the worker at the restaurant stopped her and asked her to

go back to work immediately. Wearing the attendant uniform, Yana began to do the job carefully. This was her only hope, and she couldn't smash it! Although it was a hard work, you would gain more if you gave more!

She didn't stop until twelve o'clock in the evening. Satisfied with her performance, the manager patted her on the shoulder and said, "you did a good job today. Keep going! If you could behave like today, you would be able to get a six thousand salary this month! "

"Really? Don't worry. I will try my best! "

"Okay, that's it. Go back and have a rest."

"Okay. Good bye, manager."

Waving her hand to the manager, she turned around and left the restaurant with her handbag. Tonight, the stars and the moon in the sky became more pleasing. Yana trotted through the dark alley, opened the door and threw herself on the bed. Then she turned over to take a shower, cooked herself a bowl of noodles, and went to bed after that.

The next morning, Yana got up early. She cooked some porridge and went to the hospital to see her brother. "Yana, are you not busy lately? "Aren't you going to work? Why do you still have time to come to the hospital to see me?"

"Although shooting is important, the most important thing is to play with my brother!" Yana kept the truth a secret and spoke to her brother smilingly. She handed a bowl of porridge to Joe, who took the bowl and gulped down the porridge. Seeing her brother enjoy the food so much, Yana was very happy. Although she was a little tired now, it was worthy to see him eat heartily and laugh happily. No matter how much hardship she had to suffer, it was worth it!

Thinking about this, Yana smiled and looked at her brother, leafing through his work. And then Joe said, "Yana, I really hope one day you can become the person in my novel and perform my work. There was a signature at the bottom of the TV play: the scriptwriter, Joe Zhong and the lead character: Yana Zhong. If that day comes, I will be so happy! "

Yana closed the laptop and smiled at Joe, "yes, that day will come! I will definitely recommend my brother's work to the director after I'm famous and will become the heroine of the book, then you will act the hero, okay? "


"Then let's have dinner and have a rest first, okay?"

"All right." Joe lay obediently on the bed and closed his eyes. After covering Joe with the quilt, she cast a sad look at him, got up and walked out slowly.

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