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   Chapter 9 About Money

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"It's none of your business."

They didn't stop quarreling until a very short while later, a big lunch box was eaten up by both of them. Then, as he lay down on the sofa in satisfaction, he said, "well done! You have to cook for me every day from now on!"

"For what?" Yana rolled her eyes at him, but then she remembered why she came. She handed the bag to him and said, "Is it for this morning or 8.5 million. Originally, I only wanted one million for emergency, but it happened so suddenly that I embezzled another five hundred thousand without being noticed. Although I don't have the money to pay you back now, I hope you can give me one more month! I just finished a new TV play. Although it's not a big one, I will get a reward of 500000 after it's completed. I can surely make it up! "

He glanced sideways at the paper in her hand and said: 'I remember telling you that I won't take it back! I don't know why you are in urgent need, but since you are so abject to sell yourself, you must be very poor. You give me back the eight million and owe me five hundred thousand. I really can't imagine how you will spend the next month! "

"It's none of your business."

"Of course I should worry about them! You owe me 500000! Five hundred thousand! Although I don't care about the five hundred thousand, it's an astronomical number for you, isn't it? " "And as long as I want, you can't even get the five hundred thousand that is coming," he added

Yana was pissed off. "What do you want? " She asked

"Be my woman, in three months!" He grinned wickedly and continued, "I can help you become an international superstar like Brian from an obscure obscure obscure actress. By that time, not to mention 500000, even if it was five million or fifty million, it would be the same! There are two choices for you. You can be my woman for three months, and then you can become an international superstar. After three months, you can marry me and live a happy life with me! Or I'll make sure you'll be thrown out of this city until you disappe

ar in C City from now on! "

"What Why do you have to be so hard on me? I'm just an ordinary woman! Although I am a superstar, I am not very beautiful. There is a great gap between me and those A-list stars. I I have an average figure, an average look and a bad temper Sir, please let me go? I am just a poor man. I don't have the ability to play such a game with you! "

"Wow, what a rare opportunity! She had been in the entertainment industry for so long. It was not easy for her to have such an innocent idea. Okay, I'll give you one day to think about it! But if you come to see me tomorrow, I will not forgive you so easily! "

"I'm not a street girl, and I don't need to play a role with those money! Sir, goodbye! " After that, Yana put the clothes and money in front of him, turned around, walked to the door, put on her shoes and left proudly.

He stared at the door coldly, and thought, 'poor people always like to stick to their self-esteem? By the time you can't even eat, see how proud you are!

Suddenly, he felt a thrill of impatience surging in his heart. He took out his cell phone and dialed Fred Fang's number, saying, "see you at the lux bar half an hour later!" After hanging up the phone, he drank up the wine and thumped the glass on the table. Then he took the key and walked out of the room.

Half an hour later, Fred Fang booked a room for him. In the room where Loren Liu was sitting, the two men looked at him with constipation. Fred Fang laughed and asked, "Mr. Albert, what happened? Why are you so upset? "

"I heard that Mr. Albert had chosen a flower bud? Was it because of this thing that made him so depressed? Did that girl badger you? It doesn't matter. Pay me off! "

After an apathetic sip of wine, he said, "it would be much easier to deal with them if you really paid!"

"What? She's pregnant? "Loren Liu spat out the wine in his mouth

He rolled his eyes at him and said, "even if you can get pregnant in one night, can you find out the pregnancy today about what happened last night?"

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