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   Chapter 6 Give Him Back the Money

The Closer I Get to You By UNA KAIN Characters: 3614

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After returning to her apartment which covered an area of more than ten square meters, Yana put all the dishes into the kitchen, washed her hands and started cooking. She cooked his favorite dishes and then cooked some rice. Yana went to the bathroom and took off his suit. As soon as she took it off, she found a cut on it!

What should she do now? Though she never wore designer clothes, she was in the entertainment circle. This dress was not world-famous last week's dress, but the fabric and workmanship alone cost a lot. If he asked her for more money, how could she grab so much money to pay him back? She owed him so much. Should she really agree to his request?

No! She couldn't be sold out like a prostitute! She would definitely pay him back! As for this dress

Biting her lower lip, Yana took out a needle and thread, and imagined a red plum blossoms embroidered on the dress. It didn't look too bad. The man wouldn't have noticed it, would he? She hoped that he wouldn't see it!

Yana washed the clothes carefully, blew them dry with a hair dryer, and then ironed them with hot water. Since there was no hot pot at home, she could only make the coat in a most clumsy way.

It took Yana two hours to get the coat done. It was already five o'clock. It had been five hours since Yana left. She didn't know how Joe was doing

After putting the food into the lunch box, Yana walked towards the hospital with his clothes.

When Yana arrived at the hospital, she saw Jack doing examination for Joe through the glass door. Yana was startled. She pushed the door open and walked in. "Doctor, what's wrong with my brother? "

Jack and Joe looked at Yana at the same time. Joe smiled and called his sister. Then, she looked at Jack nervously and smiled, "don't be nervous, I am just

doing a physical examination to see if he has any rejection. He is in good health. He will be discharged in one more month. "

"Really? That's great! " Yana looked at Joe happily. It was not until then that she remembered the dinner she had cooked for Joe. She hastily took the lunch box and said, "These are all the dishes I made for you. Have a taste! These are your favorite dishes! "

Jack took a look at the dishes she had made and said, "Yana, now that Joe has just received the operation, he should not eat these irritating food. I got a nutritious meal for him when I came for the examination just now and he has eaten it. If he wanted to eat these delicious food, he had to wait until the wound healed. But you can't eat too much. "

"What? oh Then I'll eat them. " Upon hearing Jack's words, Yana quickly took away the lunch box. In order not to damage his health, she even went outside and then returned home at ease.

Hearing this, Joe smiled and said, "Yana, you don't have to stay here with me tonight. You've been staying up late. No matter how clever the director is, he couldn't allow a woman with dark circles and thin bones like an addict to play the leading role! "

Yana pouted and snapped, "why not! I can play the lead! 'she thought! Yana grimaced. Yana and Joe looked at each other and smiled. "I happen to be occupied tonight, so I can't come. You don't blame me, "she added

"Are you going on a date? What if my future brother-in-law is handsome? "

"What the hell! I'm serious! By the way, it's getting late now. I have to go. If you feel uncomfortable staying here alone, you must call me in time. Got it? "

"Okay, I know. You're not a 3-year-old kid anymore!"

"But you are like a child to me! Well, I have to go now. I will cook porridge for you tomorrow! "

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