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   Chapter 4 Money for Women

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Yana bit her lips and said stubbornly, "I'm sorry, sir. I only want one million. "

"Do you think I give you a low price? OK, I'll pay two hundred thousand a day. How about forty-five days a day? But you have to know that I was talking about the heavens! That means you are mine tonight and you are mine in the daytime! "

"Sir, I only want one million!"

Without saying anything more, he took out a set of women's clothes from the wardrobe and threw it to Yana. Then he changed into another set as he walked out of the office. While walking, he said, "I gave a woman money, but there is no reason to take it back! At 7:30 tomorrow night, 601, building B, blue water bay! I don't like being late! " Hardly had his voice faded away when he slapped across Yana's face!

Unable to hold back her emotions, Yana squatted down and cried. But she had no time to feel sorry for herself. Her brother was still waiting for her in the hospital, and he could be saved as long as she got the money! No matter how she got the money, it was the most important thing for her brother to live!

After washing her face in the bathroom, Yana finally came out and help her put on the clothes that he had given her earlier. She wore her hair in a ponytail and took the cheque with her to the hospital.

Then Yana ran to the doctor's office. The doctor called Jack told Yana to pay for the surgery immediately, and then Jack started to prepare for the surgery.

Yana immediately paid for the surgery. It turned out that the surgery would cost 1.5 million!

Yana was stunned? "How could this be? Isn't it one million? "

"Miss, that was the price you made a year ago! We have advanced equipment here, and the success rate is much higher. Besides, it is worth the best investment. Of course, it will cost more! Your brother's heart operation is risky! Do you still want to do it? "

Pressing her lips, Yana said, "I

'll do it! Of course! " Then she put all the cash she had just taken out at the cashier's counter. The cashier quickly used the ATM to test the money before opening the bill and giving it to Yana.

Taking the form was as devout as taking her brother's life. She quickly ran to the door of the operating room and handed it to Jack. Jack took a look at the form and said, "you can start now!"

The lights in the operating room were on all of a sudden. Standing outside the door, Yana waited anxiously, as if every second were a torture to her. She was restless. The operation had last fourteen hours from 9 a.m to 11 p.m.

The lights in the operating room were suddenly turned off. Yana jumped up as if she had been struck by lightning. Jack slowly walked out of the operating room. Yana immediately grabbed him and asked anxiously, "Doctor, how is my brother? Is he all right? "

"It seems that he is fine now. The operation is a success. Don't worry. But now he is in danger. After tonight, if he doesn't reject the body, he will be fine. "

"That's good, that's good!"

Jack looked at Yana and said, "You seem to be very tired. You can go and have a rest. The nurses are here to look after you. "

"No, I want to wait until my brother wakes up!" Joe was pushed out slowly. Yana ran to them and held her brother's hand tightly. Looking at his pale face, a pang of pain came over Yana's heart. She held his hand tightly, not wanting to let go.

Remembering that her little brother had just finished an operation and was going to wake up, Yana didn't dare to leave Joe's side for a second. Wearing an asepsis clothes, she stared at her brother without blinking, and prayed in her heart, "Dad, mom, you are so clever in heaven. You must bless my brother to wake up early and recover early! "Joe, you will get better soon. I'll take you to Paris. It's your favorite city of art, "she said. Wake up! "

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