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   Chapter 1 Initial Appearance

The Closer I Get to You By Xiao Ziyi Characters: 3238

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Neon lights were flashing in the dark night of C City. The day was a busy grey sky, and the night was a time of colorful happiness.

Half past nine in the evening was the most active time. It was a chaotic scene in Lux bar. Men and women were dancing on the dance floor, and men and women could vent their emotions everywhere.

Suddenly, a bright light came over on the stage in the center of the dancing floor, and everyone's eyes were attracted by it. They quickly looked over, and saw a woman in a gauze skirt. Bold as she was, her small face and restrained and shy look was very young!

While the guests were guessing the identity of the maiden, the host walked onto the stage and spoke loudly with a microphone, "everyone, please calm down! "This lady is the artist we signed today. Of course, she is of great value to us!" million! Open the bidding begins! "

"Well, she looks very ordinary. Is that also worth one million?"

"Yes! Was her body gilded with gold or silver? So expensive? I can give you a 50% discount. I've bought it! "

Standing on the stage and listening to the people downstairs haggling like buying cabbages in the vegetable market, Yana Zhong couldn't hold back her tears.

Today, she had received the hospital's critically ill notice, and if her brother hadn't received the treatment, she wouldn't have gone to such a dangerous place in exchange for high fees for the surgeries.

Although their words humiliated her, she didn't retreat or escape, did she? She couldn't bear to see her brother die because of lack of money for surgery! That was her only family! The only


At the thought of her dying brother, she plucked up all her courage to bravely stand on the stage, turning a blind eye to the guests. This was her stage. Although it was an embarrassing stage, she had to be proud, instead of crawling at their feet like a dog!

Dad and mom, you must protect Yana Zhong and Joe Zhong in the heaven. Please bless them! He must hold on this night, and he would be fine!

Yana Zhong prayed for her boss silently, ignoring the fact that her boss was bargaining with her wife.

A man sitting in the dark suddenly raised the corner of his lips, crooked his finger, and came over. "Mr. Albert, what do you want me to do?"

"This woman... Ten million dollars! I'll get it!"

"Wha What? "

The man sneered, "I said, ten million dollars, I'll take this woman! Now I don't want my woman to be exposed in public. You Do you know what to do? "

The man bowed again and replied, "yes, Mr. Albert! I know what you mean! "` As he said, he turned around and left. The man in the dark flipped his clothes, got up, wore his hat and walked out.

The man walked to the stage and whispered in the host's ear. The host's face changed instantly. He hastily said, "I'm sorry, the miss on the stage has already had the owner. So, everyone, I'm sorry!" Then he took the arm of Yana Zhong, who was still in shock, and left.

Someone protested, "what the hell is going on? If you don't have that intention, why don't you just dawdle here and play with us! "

"Yes! Alas, forget it, let's continue to play our own game! "

The crowd started to dance, as if nothing had happened.

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