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   Chapter 820 The Final Ending

Greatest Love Of All By Wu Er Characters: 3295

Updated: 2020-09-07 00:13

Some things seemed to have been settled.

No matter how hard you struggle, the result can't be changed.

This was the fate of Holley.

No matter how hard she tried to survive, no matter how hard Ron had worked and how much financial resources and resources Ron had consumed, the wheel of fate was still moving forward.

The long fourteen days were also short fourteen days.

Holley had a fever. Even if she was soaked in ice water, she was still had a fever.

Even if there was a better news.

Even if the Shen family was completely defeated in the battle and paid the price for the crime they had committed.

Even if the woman surnamed Mei was caught in jail.

Even if some people finally got married, it still didn't change the fate of Holley.

Rex had climbed the high ladder successfully. Although he still couldn't remember anything, he was willing to go back to the Hmong community with Erin.

He could be recognized by Erin's family. But the sign of life in H

hout her, it would be meaningless for him to have the whole world.

With her, the whole world would be hers.

If Holley were still alive, they would have a lot of children.

If Holley was not here, Ron would also be kind to their child.

But he would never miss any chance to save her. Even if he bet on their child, even if he know she wouldn't agree, he had to choose.

He just wanted to seek any opportunity for Holley.

No matter five years or twenty years, he will wait.

When she still looked young, and he would almost old, he was willing to wait for her.

He bet everything on him to wait for her...

He waited for their reunion.

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