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   Chapter 729 Be Bold And Straight

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Holley remained unmoved.

Teresa nodded with a smile, "Holley, you are so heartless to me."

Holley didn't want to say anything back.

Wasn't Teresa heartless when she and her brother conspired to kidnap her grandmother?

Wasn't it heartless for Teresa to set her up several times?

Some favors had already been erased in betrayal again and again.

It was probably too late to mention heartlessness now.

Holley rubbed her temples tiredly, "Teresa, I won't force you anything, and I hope you won't force me anything."


Teresa said, "At the beginning, I really wanted to be your sister. And I think we can be good friends. "

"I believe you."

When it came to the past, no one could not be moved.

Holley was no exception.

Her eyes were slightly red.

She was willing to believe that Teresa, who had rushed out and stood in front of her to protect her from being taken away, really treated her as a friend.

However, too many things happened later. All of them changed and their feelings were gone.

"So, we used to be so good. Can't you help me?"

Teresa suddenly lowered her profile.

She pleaded with Holley.

Holley shook her head with a bitter smile, "Teresa, this is what I said to you when we were good friends. Most of the feelings that we have missed cannot be turned back. The feelings that cannot be turned back are the obsession, and we should let it go. "


Teresa sneered.

She laughed wildly and shook her head, "Holley, you still don't really treat me as a friend, or you will help me. I remember your choice today and what you said today. Since you don't help me, no matter what happens in the future, don't regret it. Besides, please send a message to Jane for me. If you don't want people to know it, the best way is not to do it. She knows clearly what she has done in the past. "

After saying that, Teresa turned around and left.

After she left,

"who is someone? It's Mr. Yan. I don't like him. You don't have to be afraid to mention him in front of me. "

"I just don't want you to think of him, okay?"

Ron asked confidently.

Holley poked the man's heart again, "Okay, very good."

The most important thing had been confirmed, and Holley felt much relieved.

Ron was the first person she cared about in her heart.

Then it was Jane's turn.

Resting her chin on her hand, Holley asked Ron, "is there any dark information or evidence against Jane that Young Master Lei has? If so, why didn't he make good use of it? "

"Young Master Lei is a half gentleman. Whether you admit it or not, a man should see a man accurately. Therefore, even if he knew something bad about Jane, he would not threaten Jane. But if it was his sister who needed it, there was no need to be moral at all. He even comforted himself that if he didn't do it himself, he would not be sorry of Jane. As for the rumors, I don't have the habits to care about other women, so I don't know. "

"Then do you know my dirty information?"

Holley suddenly asked.

Ron's face darkened. "In my heart, you are perfect. If you want some dirty information, I can help you make up some. "

"No, I'm the perfect one."

"Well, you are the most perfect."

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