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   Chapter 724 Gigantic And Vigorous

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Fabian suddenly understood.

He did fall into a trap.

'Shit! How could Ron do this to me in front of Jane? '

With a straight face, Fabian said solemnly, "I'm very serious. Of course I mean that I have a way to help Mr. Ron's little wife solve the blush problem."

Then he opened the medical kit and took out a special silver needle. "It's mysterious, but it's very useful. After I inject a few needles, her face will turn from red to white, but there is no side effect."

"Then hurry up."

Holley reached out her hand decisively, "stab it wherever you want."

Fabian did it skillfully and quickly.

In less than one minute, Holley's face returned to normal.

The flush faded, and Holley's skin was fair. Her face looked a little pale.

"Well, am I a good doctor? By the way, a dull look will be more perfect. "

Fabian said proudly.

He said as he packed up the medical kit.

"Holley, let's go downstairs."

Jane didn't praise Fabian, but supported Holley out of the room with Ron, one on her left side and the other on her right side.

In fact, it was a very serious thing.

Before seeing Fabian and Jane, Holley swore that she could keep a serious face.

But she had seen Fabian and Jane. After seeing the joke that Fabian had just jumped into the trap, Holley found that she was never a little nervous and always wanted to laugh.

Fortunately, she held it back. At least when she was held downstairs, her face was pale and dull.

Although she didn't know how others adjusted themselves.

But Holley tried her best to recall the night when she had an abortion.

At the thought of her baby's tragic death, she felt terrible.

Her face became paler and her expression became sadder.

She was so absent-minded that she almost missed a step and fell to the ground.

Ron held her tightly in his arms.

Jane rushed to the officer of the police station and said, "see? Our Miss Holley has been greatly stimulated. She is in a poor health and in a worse mental state. As a member of the police station, it's your fault that you didn't maintain the city's secur

on, it could be seen that these people were from the army.

Judging from the age and temperament of those people, except that two young men who carried the medical kit should be military doctors, the rest should be very important people.

Holley didn't recognize the epaulets of those people, but she heard the discussion of the reporters and got a rough idea.

As Ron said, her father had invited a platoon of major generals here.

These people were all the heroes of the founding of the country. They were the people who fought the world with the Generalissimo and created the domestic Constitutional monarchy.

Each of them could stand out alone to shake one side.

Even if the Generalissimo held a state banquet, it was difficult to gather all these people.

But now, these people were gathered here because of Peter.

They walked in in unison.

Everyone ignored the reporters and the staff of the police station.

Their only goal was Holley.

Everyone greeted Holley politely.

For example, "dear niece, sorry that you were frightened.

Uncle will help you.

If anyone dares to bully you, I will beat him to death."

Peter took the two military doctors over and said, "my daughter was greatly frightened. You have a look and write a medical record, in case some police officers from the police station can't get the written certificate and can't go back to report."

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