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   Chapter 722 Having Fun In Trouble

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"I hope he is my enemy."

Ron gave a very decisive answer.

If he was joking at ordinary times, he would probably make fun of that little woman, and then listed who had a grudge against him because of her.

But now, he was not in the mood to say such a joke. He was just expressing his wish with all his heart.

He hoped that the person who used the puffer fish to poison today was only aimed at him, Ron.

After all, he was a man. He could bear more danger and big waves.

In the face of danger, he could also protect himself well.

Unlike the little fool Holley.

"Silly girl."

Raising his hand, he rubbed the little woman's hair and held her in his arms. Ron said affectionately, "I have had enemies since I was a child, so I must have much more than you. You have also learned the probability. How high is the probability that this enemy is my enemy? It is obvious that he is my enemy. Don't worry. I can set my enemy up. "

He just wanted to comfort the little woman, but he didn't expect her to be more and more nervous. "It's too dangerous. It's completely impossible to guard against the puffer fish. Even if we had heard that the puffer fish could poison people to death, no one could imagine that we would be poisoned in the restaurant near the hospital. The restaurant claimed that there was no need to be afraid of being poisoned as there was a nearby hospital for emergency treatment. How could there actually be poisonous puffer fish dumplings? If it's not that I don't like that kind of food, if it's not that you don't want to eat either, we... "

Before Holley could finish her words, she was interrupted by a sudden knock on the door.

When Ron opened the door, he saw Jane standing anxiously outside.

"The officers of the police station have arrived?"

Ron's eyes darkened and asked.

Jane nodded, "yes. The police station claimed that Holley was involved in a murder case and asked Holley to go back to the police station with them for investigation."

"Did they bring the reporters with them?"

Ron also frowned.

It was the worst ending.

Those people came for Holley.

It didn't matter if a person wasn't poisoned to death,

ppy to do that. Don't you think so? "

Holley smiled.

Ron's nervous heart was melted by her.

As long as Holley was there, no matter how hard the road ahead was, it was nothing to him.

As long as he worked hard, there would be no difficulties that he couldn't overcome.

Just like four years ago, he endured the life and death crisis for the sake of Holley.

Holley was his spiritual pillar and his will to hold on.

"Of course, Holle, you are so beautiful. You are right."

As he spoke, Ron gently kissed her.

After a gentle kiss, he said in a low voice, "it's not enough to find Fabian alone. Call Ye family's eldest master and ask him to use his connections to bring two military doctors here in person. "


Holley did as he said.

She called her father and said something. Then Peter guessed everything. "So, someone is so bold to poison my daughter. After the poison failed, he even transferred people from the police station and wanted to make an accident on the road, right?"


Holley didn't want to say it so thoroughly.

In fact, she didn't want her father to worry about her.

But her father had already known it, so she simply admitted, "I have thought about it. I can't leave the Grand Generalissimo Mansion with others. I've asked Fabian for help, but I'm afraid that the police station will not be shocked. It would be better if there are two reliable military doctors with high positions. "

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