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   Chapter 721 There Are Many Enemies

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Holley was frightened by Ron's attitude.

He knew more than she did, so he sensed more danger and greater crisis. That was why he mentioned the Generalissimo just now, and now he was going to hide in the Grand Marshal Mansion to seek refuge?

Holley didn't like such an assumption.

Although she had gained her true love and known the truth since she was released from prison.

For Ron, she could love him so much that she could sacrifice her life and everything.

She was willing to accompany him to face all the crises. She didn't mind drifting from place to place and rarely safe because of him.

But in recent days, she had led a lot of peaceful and sweet life that she had always longed for.

She was reluctant to say goodbye to such a life.

If possible, she hoped that time could stay in these few days all her life, carefree and joyful.

On the way, Holley kept quiet.

She believed in Ron's decision and that man.

More importantly, she wanted to recall more details and figure out what had happened.

Unfortunately, they had returned to the Grand Marshal Mansion. Holley still didn't know what had happened.

But she also thought of something.

For example, Ron would suddenly block her eyes.

"You knew that waiter would die, didn't you?"

Back home, Holley asked directly.

Ron nodded.

He raised his hand and rubbed his temples. "At first, I thought it was Rex who sent the dumplings."


Holley looked up at Ron in astonishment.

How could he pull Rex out?

"He won't kill anyone."

Holley said seriously.

A bitter smile appeared on the corner of Ron's mouth. "So, sure enough, that guy still has a place in your heart, right?"

Then he became very domineering.

"It's my fault. I shouldn't have given him a chance. I'm jealous! "

Ron expressed his jealousy directly.

But everything had its priority.

Ron just briefly expressed his jealousy, and the

se, the other party would fall short of success. So, even if no one was that person's accomplice, the manager must be. Otherwise, why did he rush up to see if the waiter was alive or not and why did he force the two of us to stay? I always feel that he wants to frame us for murder. "

Ron had already thought of what Holley said.

That was why he drove away immediately and even used the Generalissimo as his backer.

He didn't know who the other party was, but he believed that no one would dare to act wildly in front of the Generalissimo.

This was the best protection for Holley, sending her to the safest place and letting the most powerful people protect her.

"Fortunately, no one poisoned other food, or we two would be doomed."

Holley's heart was still fluttering with fear.

Ron shook his head with a smile, "no, if they want to kill the two of us, it can't be very obvious. That was why he chose the wild puffer fish. After all, if we ate this kind of food, we might be poisoned and probably die. If they directly poison the food, I'm afraid that even if we two die, the other party can't escape. "

"But who is it?"

Holley turned her head slightly and was lost in thought. "Tell me, who is the target? You or me? You and I seem to have many enemies. "

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