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   Chapter 719 He Is Responsible For Digging, And She Is Responsible For Jumping

Greatest Love Of All By Wu Er Characters: 6640

Updated: 2020-07-19 00:04

Holley was speechless.

Ron made her speechless.

"It seems that we are officious. In fact, we can do nothing. "

Holley pouted and looked at Ron.

Ron was amused by her little look. "Well, I'm sorry. I didn't use the right word. Look at you. Don't be so angry. In fact, we have a lot of things to do. For example, listen to the doctor's complaints; when the two of them planned to elope, we can give them a path, a large amount of money, and if the two of them were destined to be separated, we would comfort our best friend and buddy respectively. That's all we can do. "

Hearing what Ron said, Holley was satisfied, "that's more like it. Finally, I feel that you, Mr. Ron, are a good man with flesh and blood and love. "

"Don't worry. I will only be good to you. I won't be good to other women, not to mention men."

As he spoke, an evil and attractive smile appeared on the corner of Ron's mouth. "The time is just right. Shall we… ?"

Before he could finish his words, he was pushed hard by Holley, "no!"

"You haven't heard what I said, and you just say no?"

With a strange look on his face, Ron looked Holley up and down and asked, "what's wrong with you? What are you thinking about? "

"What am I thinking about?"

Holley suddenly realized that she must have fallen into a trap again.

The man deliberately said those serious things in an extremely ambiguous tone.

Then, then

Holley sighed in silence.

Every time, she would jump into the trap that the man dug without hesitation.

She had thought too much.

The bastard Ron always fooled her.

No, he was flirting with her!

Unwilling to lose, Holley raised her head seriously and said in a low voice, "no matter what suggestion you have, I refuse. I don't want it. I just want to have a good sleep today. "

"Eat first. Do you want to sleep if you don't eat? "

Ron teased his little woman dotingly.

"I don't want to eat any more. I'm going to sleep!"

Holley said as if she wa

looked up with a smile, "why don't there be men who have a crush on you?"

"I'm not like you who always flirts with women."

"Who did I attract?"

Ron asked unconvinced.

Holley clicked her tongue and shook her head, "for example, Adele Dongfang. You provoked her, didn't you?"

Ron failed. He waved his hand and said, "that was an accident. Besides, aren't you satisfied with the way I treated that woman? "


Holley couldn't forget that on the second morning, the headlines of all the major websites had reported the news that the Young Miss of the Dongfang family overturned the sulfuric acid and disfigured.

Everyone sympathized with Adele, but they didn't know that she deserved it.

If she didn't want to pour sulfuric acid to destroy Holley, she wouldn't have ended up like this.

"As long as you are satisfied."

Ron patted the back of her hand and said, "let's eat. Don't think about boring people."

"How do you know she is boring?"

Normally, Holley wouldn't have so many questions. But somehow, she felt that Ron knew who sent the dumplings.

Ron smiled casually and didn't intend to explain. He just stuffed Holley's mouth with food.

Holley stopped asking.

Anyway, that person would definitely take other actions after he was rejected. She just needed to wait and see.

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