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   Chapter 713 Calm Down, Young Man

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Hearing what Holley said, Fabian suddenly understood.

Holley was indeed creating an opportunity for Fabian to meet Jane.

Besides, Mr. Peter had a close relationship with Jane.

To some extent, Fabian could give Mr. Peter a prescription to help him recover his health.

It was good for their relationship.

At that moment, Fabian changed his words, "Holley, it was my recent emotional whirlpool and my IQ was out of line. I have already felt your good intentions. Please forgive me for my nonsense. I'll go to your place right now."

"Well, that's more like it."

Holley hung up the phone with satisfaction.

Peter looked at his daughter and smiled, "You are as cunning as your mother."


Holley smiled, "No, I didn't. It's just what Fabian treated me before, and I'm treating him now. Besides, I really hope that he and Jane can have a happy ending."

"When are you going to inform that child?"

Peter nodded with a smile and asked.

"We have to wait for a while. We can't let it go too far. Besides, I have to wait for Fabian to come and beg me. We can't give up the opportunity to make profit."

Holley thought it over and made a decision.

Until a servant told her that Fabian, the young master of the Ou family, came to visit, Holley smiled slyly.

"Dad, just wait and see."


Peter said, doting on Holley

Fabian came here in high spirits.

Holley knew at a glance that Fabian had smoothed his hair, shaved, changed into new clothes, and even polished his shoes shiny.

He didn't come to treat people at all. He came to see them on blind dates.

He came excitedly, looking for Jane with expectations.

But the room was so small that it could be seen at a glance.

There were only two people in the room, Holley and Peter.

"Where is Jane?"

Fabian asked frankly.

Holley shook her head helplessly, "Fabian, it's not my

. You were tricked by my precious daughter, so I'll make an exception to give you some guidance," said Peter, for the sake of Fabian's prescription. Just sit here and write the prescription carefully. When she comes here you just greet her. If she doesn't come here, you can pretend that you don't know and finish the prescription at ease."

"What if she hasn't come yet when I finish it?"

Fabian couldn't hold his breath at all.

Peter smiled casually, "Then I'll ask my daughter to send you away."


Fabian couldn't accept it.

"Calm down!"

Peter said earnestly, "Holley will drive you away, but I'll show up and keep you for dinner. That was the truth. Jane won't think that I'm an old man would get involved in your relationship. She is not on her guard, so she won't be on your guard. So, calm down. Do you understand? "

"Got it."

Fabian agreed happily.

He suddenly felt that Mr. Peter was more reliable than Holley and Ron.

No wonder the old man had eaten more salt than a young man had eaten rice.

Jane didn't greet her, but chatted with Holley, drinking ginger tea.

Fabian finished writing the prescription.

Peter took it for granted and called Holley.

Hearing the voice, Holley ran over, "Dad, what's up?"

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