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   Chapter 711 Crazy

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This was the words to kill the heart. If it was very effective, the other party should give up killing her and run away.

If it was generally effective, the other party would definitely talk to her about conditions.

Even if it didn't work, she could buy more time.

As long as she could buy more time, things would turn around.

With this in mind, Holley shouted out the previous sentence, but as soon as she finished, a young man came out.

Holley had an impression that the man was Paul.

Holley noticed the unfriendly look on Paul's face.

The man who wanted to kill Holley was also stunned when he saw Paul.

"Young Master."

He nodded respectfully.

Paul stopped him, "What are you doing?"

His face darkened and he seemed to be a little angry.

The man hesitated. He should have said confidently that he would kill Holley, stand up for Young Master and remove the barrier for Young Master.

But for some reason, he felt that the atmosphere was a little strange and those words seemed inappropriate to say.

"Holley is my sister, although she hasn't come back yet and is not recorded on the family tree. But it will happen sooner or later. "

Paul said loudly, "Are you going to rebel by making things difficult for the little princess of our Ye family here?"

There was a hint of anger in Paul's tone.

Hearing this, the man who wanted to kill Holley understood.

He quickly put away his gun and said, "it's my fault. I'm leaving now."

After saying that, he ran away directly.

Holley didn't stop him, but paid more attention to his figure.

Paul didn't bring anyone with him but walked towards Holley.

He was dressed in black.

His father had just died, and he was still in mourning.

As a matter of fact, his movement was restricted and he was not qualified to walk in the Ye family's courtyard.

But after all, today was a special day. On the third day of his father's death, P

after you told him about the poison? "

"He used your life to negotiate with the royal family. As long as the royal family agrees to destroy Ye family, he will hand you over and let the royal family deal with you."

"Holley, your life is worthless in his eyes. If he wanted to deal with the Ye family, he could do it easily with his status. But he chose a shortcut. So, you really don't have to be so arrogant, because you are nothing. I advise you to kneel down and beg me now. Maybe I can consider letting you die more quickly and don't need to suffer before death. "

Holley didn't know whether what Paul said was true or not.

But that didn't matter. What mattered was how she treated Paul.

"You are too eager for quick success and instant benefit. If you don't ask me to beg you, I may doubt if what you said is true. But now you exposed your real purpose. I know what you said is false. "

Hearing what Holley said, Paul felt unhappy.

But he wouldn't be a coward or admit defeat. "Holley, let's wait and see. Anyway, you or I will die sooner or later. And you can only take my life, and you can't get others involved. But I can take your life, your father's, Mr. Ron's and Jane's. Holley, you will regret being against me. I will let all of you die with my father. "

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