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   Chapter 709 Didn't You Say That You Are My Backer

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But she was still rational.

The Ye family was a famous family. How could they easily recognize a daughter? Not to mention that there was a liar before her.

The Paternity certificate was neither for her nor for Peter to read.

It was for the other members of the Ye family to watch and block their mouths.

"Who is my daughter? I can feel it."

Peter said firmly, "the silver bracelet I gave you is the relics of your mother. We agreed to take you home after the storm and wear it for you personally. Your mother died miserably under the curse, but she still wanted me to promise her that I would find you and put the bracelet on you, telling you that your mother loved you very much, but she couldn't accompany you to grow up. She said that in her hometown, if she had a daughter, the female elders would still make a whole set of silver jewelry from the day her daughter was born. She wanted to make a whole set for you until you got married. But God didn't give her too much time, so she only had this pair of bracelets. "

He didn't say anything, but his action had already proved that he knew Holley was his biological daughter, so it was reasonable for him to give the bracelet to his daughter.

Holley cried.

She couldn't speak but looked at her father with tears in her eyes.

Peter smiled hard and patted his daughter's hand, "I know you have no one to back you up since you were a child. You are used to be cautious, so you think you need the report. But for me, I don't need it. I say you are my daughter, so you are my daughter. If I won't admit someone, it's useless for her to cling on. "

He was a domineering man.

Although time had left traces of vicissitudes on his face, his iron blood had not been erased.

"That's great. It feels so good to have someone to make the decision and support me."

What her father said hit Holley's heart.

She was careful enough.

Because she didn't have a real long-term backer, she had to think a lot before doing anything.

But suddenly someone told her that she didn't need to think about that anymore. Because she was her father's daughter, she would be loved

lp clenching her fists, and the knuckles of Holley's fingers were crunched.

The hatred in her heart was shown without hesitation.

Peter was also stunned.

He didn't know that the miscarriage of Holley had anything to do with the poison.

He thought his daughter hated Paul for trying to kill her.


Peter said in a deep voice, "I will make a decision for you. Paul would pay for what he had done, but the real person behind it should be sure to be a member of the royal family. It was they who hinted Paul that if they could successfully assassinate the Generalissimo and regain the imperial power, Ye family would enjoy the treatment of the important courtiers. He was so confused that he was bewitched and made a mistake. So, the real manipulator is the royal family. I will seek justice for you from the royal family. "

Holley suddenly smiled, "Dad, you just said that you are my backer, so I don't have to worry about it. But now, why do you still want to apologize for Paul even though you know that he poisoned me, wanted my life and pushed me to the death road? Was it because he was the only direct descendant of Ye family and he needed to inherit the family business in the future? Or you are the kind of person who thinks that brotherhood is more important than the father-daughter relationship, so you choose to forgive your brother's son, even if what he did almost killed your daughter? "

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