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   Chapter 708 I Don't Like Outsiders

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In Ye family's house.

Holley paid a visit to the eldest master of Ye family in personal.

Because it was a private meeting, she did not reveal the identity of the Generalissimo's daughter, and naturally did not alert the Ye family. She just went directly to the Ye family's eldest master.

At the sight of Holley, Peter was overjoyed.

"Holley, have a seat."

Holley sat down opposite Peter with a smile and pulled Ron behind her, "you have prepared so many gifts. Take them out now."

It was rare for Ron to send a gift respectfully.

There were a lot of gifts on the table, but none of them attracted Peter's attention.

He just took a look and then looked away.

Holley put in a good word for Ron, "it's all bought by Mr. Ron himself and carefully chosen. Please have a look. "

"Ye family doesn't lack these things."

Peter didn't take these gifts from Ron seriously.

Peter had already investigated the emotional turmoil between Holley and Ron.

He didn't care whether there was a reason or not, and whether that Ron had his own difficulties.

He only cared about one thing, that was, his dear daughter had suffered a lot of grievances and hurt in love.

In the past, no one had made a decision for Holley. Now, with him, he would not allow this bastard, Ron, to easily pass the test.

A helpless look appeared on Holley's face.

She had tried her best to help Ron, but her father didn't accept it, so she had no choice.

She smiled at Ron and said, "I know what you mean."

Ron shook his head with a smile, "it doesn't matter. Maybe the gift doesn't fit Uncle's heart. I'll choose others next time."

"No, thanks."

Peter pushed his hand and refused Ron's kindness directly. "I didn't throw these things out for the sake of Holley today. It's not that our Ye family can't afford these things. You don't need to send them to me as an outsider. Mr. Ron, I have a bad temper and I'm getting old. I don't like to stay with outsiders for too long. "

He was ordering Ron to leave.

How c

ed and waved her hand, "let's not talk about him, okay? I bought some food materials to make the famous Chinese dish Buddha jump over the wall for you. It's good for your health. "

Peter nodded, "Okay, you can go."

Holley hadn't been in the kitchen for a long time, but her cooking was barely okay.

A pot of Buddha jumped over the wall was ready, and the fragrance of it could be smelled from afar.

The overflowing fragrance seemed to arouse Peter's memory of the past.

Sitting there, he looked into the distance with a smile in his eyes.

He laughed for a long time, but suddenly stopped laughing.

At that moment, the smile on his face seemed to be dead, replaced by deathly silence.

After a long silence, Peter continued, "your mother is also good at cooking. We were destined to have a meal together... "

He laughed and felt sad because he thought of the ups and downs more than 20 years ago.

"Are we going to the hospital before you tell me about the past? Although I really want you to be my biological father, I also have some wonderful opportunities to know that you are my father. But I don't want to be seen as clinging to Ye family's power. I don't want to be seen as the second Ivy by you. So, can we believe in science and then talk about the past? "

Hearing Peter mention her mother, Holley choked with sobs.

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