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   Chapter 707 You Treat Me Well. Thank You

Greatest Love Of All By Wu Er Characters: 6611

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Ron snorted and replied, "have you chosen between Teresa and Jane? Are you sure there won't be a fire in the backyard? Will the two women fight? "

"Mr. Ron, you've gone too far. It's just a description of a fact. Do you need to poke the pain in my heart like this? Besides, I'm thinking about you two. I said I would avoid. "

Fabian said with grievance.

This was the way he got along with Ron.

Holley giggled.

She didn't expect that the smile would get her involved.

"Hey, don't laugh. Mind your man. Look at him. Is he going too far? "

Hearing this, Holley looked up.

She held back her laughter and looked at Fabian up and down. Then she nodded thoughtfully, "well, too much."

"Look, Mr. Ron, you've gone too far."

Said Fabian, pretending to be supported.

However, as soon as he finished his words, Holley continued, "doctor, you'll soon be surrounded by two women. You blamed that it's our fault to poke your heart. You've gone too far."

Fabian was speechless for a while, "it's my fault. It's my fault. I should have known that you couple are united. "

While he was speaking, he had already got on the car.

Holley stepped on the unfinished-burning pieces of paper on the ground and said, "Teresa is not willing to let go, is she?"

"Almost, but that doesn't matter."

Fabian didn't deny it.

His attitude towards love was very clear, which was deeply appreciated by Ron.

"Men must be faithful to each other when they fall in love. They can choose whoever they like. Don't swagger and hurt people on both sides."

"As your brother, I have been with you for a long time. Even a Playboy has to become faithful, not to mention I have always been faithful."

Said Fabian, patting his chest without any embarrassment.

Ron snorted and made no comment.

Ron treated Fabian well. He sent Fabian to the gate of the Grand Marshal Mansion and waved goodbye to him. "We two won't go in. you have to rely on yourselves in matters of l

t was in the trunk. Listen to me. The person who invited you to the Ye family is your father, so you just need to prepare a gift for the person who invited you. As for the relatives of the whole family, you don't need to think about them. Do you understand? "

"Yes, I understand."

Holley smiled sweetly, "what tonic did you buy for my father?"

"Bird's nest, tiger bone wine, Changbai Mountain ginseng..."

Ron said a lot of tonics, which stunned Holley.

She admired Ron's meticulousness. He had prepared so many tonics, and each of them was a good thing to strengthen his body. It was the most suitable gift for a person who had just been seriously ill and had experienced a lot of life and death.

"But that's all your kindness. I want my own. But I don't know what to give him. I always feel that he doesn't lack anything. And you bought the things he lacked. It's so difficult. "

Holley was so nervous that she even spoke without stop.

"You are right. In fact, Uncle doesn't lack anything. What he needs is a daughter who is filial to him. How about you cook by yourself? "

After thinking for a while, Ron gave a good suggestion to Holley.

Holley clapped her hands happily, "good idea, good idea. He must be very happy when I cook. It's settled then. Let's go and buy some ingredients. "

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