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   Chapter 704 You Owe Me

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So, what was the right choice.

The right choice was the doctor's last choice, the one he wanted to choose, and the one he liked now.

Instead of Jane's hesitation.

The relationship between the royal family and the Generalissimo had been tense for more than one day or two.

It would be sooner or later for them to fall out with each other.

They didn't fall out with each other now, not because they didn't have a proper reason, but because they were not fully prepared.

If they were well prepared, one more bite would be a reason for them to turn against each other.

Jane thought too much. There was no need for her to give up her feelings.

Just as she said, if she really didn't choose Fabian ou, it would be because even with the efforts of Fabian ou, she still couldn't fall in love with Fabian ou, then she didn't choose him.

There was no need to persuade Jane.

As long as Holley ensured that Jane could figure it out.

Smiling, she waved at Jane. Holley said, "well, I'm in a hurry. I'm leaving now. We can talk later. "

In the Tower House Hotel.

Holley went to the appointment with many bodyguards.

Her identity, as well as Teresa's identity, determined that she must be so vigilant.

Teresa arrived early. Seeing Holley, she didn't stand up, she pointed at the coffee in front of her and said, "your favorite caramel macchiato."

This was indeed Holley's favorite taste. When she and Teresa were good friends, they often sat together to drink such coffee.

Holley was not surprised. Teresa always had a good memory, so it was normal for her to remember.

"Holley, you are getting more and more arrogant. I used to be followed by many bodyguards, but now I'm replaced. Will you feel restrained? "

Teresa didn't mention the ultimate reason for her appointment here today.

She just sat there and chatted casually.

This could probably be called catching up on the old days.

"Yes, you are right. If I have something, I will also lose something. The status, pos

couldn't answer this question.

She raised her head and stared at Teresa, "the doctor heard that you were back and followed me to the hotel. Have a good talk with him. "

"Holley, don't you dare to tell me the answer?"

Teresa stopped her and raised her voice eight times, "you wronged me and made me a wanted criminal. If you hadn't insisted on not letting me go, I wouldn't have parted with Fabian. Don't you feel guilty for letting me lose Fabian? "

"Holley, you owe me."

She rushed over and grabbed Holley's hand, "you have to pay back what you owe others!"

Teresa shouted heart-brokenly.

The bodyguards who followed Holley rushed over and pointed their guns at Teresa.

They were using their actions to warn Teresa that if she didn't let go of Holley, they would kill her.

Teresa, on the other hand, sensed danger.

She shook off Holley's hand hard and pointed at Holley, "get out of here, but remember, I will let you repay everything you owe me. And the doctor, please inform him to come in and see me. The doctor is mine. Jane can't take him away. I will take back everything that belongs to me myself. "

After saying that, she gave Holley a hard push and pushed her three steps back.

Holley stared at Teresa in a daze. It seemed that Teresa had put something into her hand when she pushed her just now.

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