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   Chapter 702 You Don't Have To Take It Seriously

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Holley nodded in agreement, "I also think it's too coincidental. Besides, the whereabouts of the woman surnamed Mei is still unknown, which means that Teresa has been proved to be innocent at this time. It is not a coincidence. "

"No matter what kind of case it is, there will be a chance to reverse it. Especially the woman surnamed Mei was not the real murderer. This case was too easy to reverse. I believe that the woman whose surname is Mei must have been controlled by Patrick. At this critical moment, he could even use this woman surnamed Mei to threaten Teresa to surrender. So the so-called innocence and reputation recovery is just to show it. It's just to give Teresa a high sounding free identity. "

Holley was a smart woman, not to mention that she had experienced so many things.

Although many people had been protecting her, it didn't mean that she couldn't understand what was going on.

Because she had experienced a lot, she was particularly insightful.

"I'm afraid that Patrick will deal with Jane and Fabian this time. Otherwise, there is no need to release Teresa on the spot. "

Ron frowned slightly, "do you think Teresa will change her mind?"

He asked an important question.

The answer to this question was related to the future arrangement and the fate of his good friend, Fabian.

After a long silence, Holley replied, "I hope she won't change her mind."

The answer was too straightforward.

According to what Teresa had done in the past and what she thought, it was completely normal for her to turn against them.

If she didn't fight back, that would be strange.

Maybe Teresa sensed something.

Just then, Teresa rang Holley.

As soon as Holley answered the phone, she heard the distant voice of Teresa. "Holley, let's have a talk. There are some things that should be made clear."

"Okay, you decide the place. I'll take someone there."

Holley agreed readi

ine and some things could be restarted.

But he not only gave up, but also started a new relationship.

The whole world had seen his proposal, which was his determination to let go of the past.

It seemed that Teresa had never put him down, or she wouldn't have made an appointment with them in the Tower House Hotel.

It was really hard to choose between Teresa on the left and Jane on the right.

There was no expression on Jane's face.

She sat there because she wanted to see how Fabian would choose.

But after waiting for several minutes, Fabian still couldn't make a decision. Jane didn't want to wait any longer.

She was not a person who would hesitate.

If she had something to say, she would say it without any hesitation.

No matter what, she just spoke with her heart and didn't regret it.

Seeing that Fabian was unwilling to make a decision, Jane made a decision for him directly. "Mr. Ou, you can go to see Teresa. You two are not done yet. As for me, I really don't like you and we can't live together. So you don't have to worry about the proposal, and you don't have to care about what happened that night. I believe that we are all adults. Teresa can understand you. "

This was Jane's decision. She was taking off her ring as she saying.

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