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   Chapter 701 You Are Right

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The Generalissimo didn't say anything first, but handed the document issued by the police station to Holley.

The wanted was cancelled.

Teresa was proved to be innocent.

Because of the previous grievances, the police station's headquarters had especially reported it on the newspaper for fifteen days. Every day, it would be on the headlines to clarify the charges of Teresa and restore her reputation.

As for the real murderer, it was also revealed. It was the woman whose surname was Mei.

But this woman seemed to have disappeared from the world and could not be found at all. The director of the police station personally reported the work and said that he would go all out to find the real murderer, but there was no clue yet.

"Holley, do you believe it?"

The Generalissimo asked this question, but he didn't seem to expect the answer of Holley, so he continued, "the relevant evidence attached to the document has been identified and it was revised by Photoshop."

His meaning was very clear.

It meant that the woman surnamed Mei was not the real murderer of Holley's grandmother.

Otherwise, how could they replace the real evidence with a picture revised Photoshop?

Moreover, there was no editing trace in the video that was exposed at that time. That was to say, the fact that Teresa killed Holley's grandmother was irrefutable and couldn't be false.

"I know it's fake, but I chose to make a concession and agreed to the police station to issue this document."

The Generalissimo stated the situation quite frankly.

In fact, he didn't mean to tell it in details. He just told Holley what decision he had made.

As for why he made this decision, he didn't say it, but put on an expression that he wouldn't tell her the reason.

Holley nodded thoughtfully, "do you need me to do anything?"


The Generalissimo said the word calmly.

Holley nodded again, "may I ask who you are bowing to?"

"Royal family."

This time, the Generalissimo didn't hide anything. He gave a direct answer.

Holley was stunned for a moment.

She figured it out. No wonder Teresa had b

committally. She didn't know if his suspicion had been dispelled.

After pacing around, he nodded, "well, you adjust yourself. Before I say it's okay, don't do anything against Teresa or the royal family, also don't investigate who of the royal family did it. Protect yourself. Don't let anyone hurt you. I made a concession today in order to take a big step forward tomorrow. I will help you realize your dream of bringing the murderer to justice. Holley, I really treat you as my daughter, and care about you as my daughter. I hope you can understand. "

"I understand. I really understand."

Holley replied guiltily.

"Then you go ahead."

The Generalissimo didn't say anything more. He just waved at her, indicating that she could leave now.

Walking out of the study, Holley felt her legs weak.

She fell directly into the arms of Ron, "I almost exposed it."

She sighed and said coquettishly.


Ron rubbed her hair dotingly.

Holley touched her heart and asked confidently, "what's wrong with me? I'm not good at acting. "

"I know."

Ron had always doted on her.

She could get whatever she wanted and what she said was right.

"But have you ever thought that things are too coincidental?"

Ron's eyes darkened slightly. "Teresa has a deep relationship with Fabian. Now that Fabian has just proposed to Jane successfully, she has been proved to be innocent. What do you think?"

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