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   Chapter 681 Set Up A Trap For Them

Greatest Love Of All By Wu Er Characters: 6675

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When Jane pushed the door open, she found that her room was surrounded by a group of people.

The phone in her hand was snatched away by the people outside the room.

"Miss Yin, the Generalissimo has ordered that you can't go anywhere before tonight."

As soon as the voice outside the door fell, countless guns were raised and aimed at Jane.

If she wanted to break out of the encirclement by force, she had no choice but to die.

And she would die so quickly that no news could be spread out.

Jane knew what she should do. She had no choice but to quietly return to her room.

Now, her only hope was that Holley could see the missed call.

As long as Holley called back, she would find that something was wrong.

As long as Holley found out that there was something wrong, with the help of Ron and Fabian, they would definitely guess the truth.

She just hoped that the tragedy didn't happen.

Now Jane could do nothing but pray.

It was late at night.

In the deep night, there was no stars or moonlight.

It was dark outside.

The leaves rustled in the wind, and the Ye family's mansion was in turmoil.

The two of them, Peek and his son, were full of killing intent. They arranged nearly a hundred killers to murder Peter.

Their father and son paid a lot of money to hire so many killers that even a single spit from each killer could drown Peter.

This time, they must let Peter die without a doubt.

If Peter couldn't die this time, their father and son would be doomed.

Most of these killers were sent here by the royal family to ensure that everything went well.

A hundred killers were approaching Peter's room, but Peter seemed to have nothing happened. He went to sleep at ten o'clock.

After he fell asleep, a hundred killers broke into Peter's room.

However, to their surprise, they missed and fell into a trap.

Peter's room looked small, but dozens of special soldiers were ambushed.

They were more efficient than those killers. Af

what to say.

He didn't expect that his father would suddenly take all the responsibilities of him at this time and take him away completely. He only regarded him as a dutiful son.

Why did father want to do this?

Did he, Paul, dare to do something but he didn't dare to admit?

Or would his uncle believe it?

His uncle wouldn't believe it. As soon as they met just now, uncle said that today's trap was specially set for them.

But when he saw his grandmother coming out of the dark room, Paul suddenly understood why his father made such a choice.

Even if everyone knew that the killers today were found by their father and son together.

Even if everyone knew that it was their father and son who tried to murder uncle several times.

Even if everyone knew that they found a fake daughter to go back to the Ye family in order to cover up the truth that they had poisoned Holley.

But Old Lady Ye had always been fond of her grandson.

So as long as they gave Old Lady Ye a reason, Old Lady Ye was willing to protect her grandson, not to mention a filial grandson.

Old Lady Ye looked at Peter and said, "my son, since it has nothing to do with Paul that child, he is just overwhelmed by filial piety. Why don't let him go out first? As your mother, I'm here to help you solve your brothers' problem. "

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