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   Chapter 680 He Will Benefit No Matter He Is Alive Or Dead

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Jane grew up with the Generalissimo, so she knew a simple reason.

The more you know, the closer you are to death, especially the secrets.

Taking a deep breath, Jane said without hesitation. She didn't want to know.

But most of the time, it was against her will.

She didn't want to know, but the Generalissimo wanted to tell her.

"I don't want to do anything, because even if I don't do anything, people who should pay the price will also pay the price."

This was the Generalissimo's answer. It was not a secret, but it was still making people feel uneasy.

Jane was unprecedentedly uneasy.

Standing in front of the Generalissimo, she was in a dilemma.

She wanted to run away, but she didn't dare to leave before the Generalissimo agreed.

But if she continued to stay here, she was interrupted by the atmosphere in the study.

"You don't understand?"

After a few minutes of silence, the Generalissimo asked in surprise when he saw no response from Jane.

Although Jane didn't understand what the Generalissimo meant.

"You're so smart. I've had trained you for many years." He's not satisfied with Jane's reaction at the moment.

Jane also hoped that she could be smart enough to understand what the Generalissimo meant.

But she really had no idea. "You should understand. "

The Generalissimo said slowly.

"Let me think about it," said Jane hurriedly.

"No need."

The Generalissimo shook his head slightly. "You are so nervous now, and you are worried that I will kill you to keep the secret. Of course, you can't think of anything."

All Jane's thoughts were seen through and exposed.

Standing there, she became more and more uneasy. The Generalissimo laughed unexpectedly. "Will I kill you to keep my secrets?"

Jane found that she really didn't know the answer to this question.

The Generalissimo shook his head with a smile. "How could I kill you to keep my secrets? I called you here today to tell you that I know what I should know. As for you, you are my subordinate. It's not wrong to protect Holley, but you should tell me everything about her, especially about her and Ye family. Although it has nothing to do with you that Holley knew the

re than 20 years ago, the death of Holley's mother was an internal matter of the tame head masters, even if the order was given by the royal family, and even if their whereabouts were betrayed by Peek.

But those were all matters of the tame head masters, and the Generalissimo could not interfere.

Once a man of high position took actions, there must be some reason.

The Generalissimo needed a reason to attack the Ye family and the royal family.

Peter was the best reason.

If he was killed by Peek and his son after several struggles, Old Lady Ye could no longer cover up for Peek and his son.

Since Peek and his son were arrested, they would naturally tell that they were ordered by the royal family to murder the Generalissimo.

This was the best reason to deal with the royal family.

If Peter didn't die, it must be the defeat of Peek and his son. No matter what would happen to the father and son, the royal family would definitely attack Peter. Anyway, Peter had made great contribution to the founding of the country. If Peter was killed by the royal family, the Generalissimo also had a reason to make a move.

So, did these special soldiers go to kill Peter or help Peter?

If it was the former

Jane didn't dare to think further.

No matter what, she had to have her own people in the Ye family to be safe.

She turned around, grabbed her phone, rushed downstairs and called Holley all the way.

Holley's phone was turned off.

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