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   Chapter 678 Play With Guns. Be Careful Not To Go Wrong

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Updated: 2020-06-28 00:12

"Dad, what are you hesitating about?"

Seeing that his father didn't say anything for a long time and there was no reply, Paul couldn't help raising his voice.

He was heartbroken, unwilling and anxious.

"Dad, what uncle did today is obviously against us. Why don't you agree? As long as you agree, we will kill uncle. Everything will come to an end and we can get back to the situation before uncle comes back. "

"Father, Ivy has disappeared. I can tell with my feet that she was in uncle's hand. If we don't do anything, we will just sit still and wait for death. We will be killed by uncle. Dad! "

Paul shouted loudly.

Peek stood there with his eyes closed for a long time before he said, "but your uncle didn't aim at us in the end. His target was only Ivy. Maybe your uncle has never thought of breaking up with us. "

After all, Peek and Peter were brothers.

Although he had long been partial to his son, sometimes he would be partial to his elder brother.

What's more, recently, his brother did not deliberately aim at them, which was also the reason why Peek was hesitating.

Maybe his brother would give them a chance.

Maybe his brother also wanted the Ye family to live a peaceful life, but he would stop something he didn't want to see.

Hearing his father's words, Paul couldn't accept it at all.

"Dad, is your son always less important than your brother in your heart? Dad, I am the one you should trust. My uncle is not. He is someone else's father, not our family. He is an outsider. Dad, I will never harm you. But what about uncle? Maybe he is looking forward to seeing you lose all your power and position in grandma's heart as soon as possible. Then he can take back everything that should have belonged to him more than 20 years ago. "

Paul was relentlessly slandering Peter's intention. He pl

kay, I'll tell you the truth."

Ron was willing to coax Holley, so he pretended to be sincere and apologized, "I did this today for you, and for our future."

"Bah, you are such a glib talker. How can this have anything to do with me?"

Holley rolled her eyes at the man and moved the gun directly to the chest of Ron. "If you behave like this, I will dig out your heart and see what you think."

Ron was amused by her pretty face.

He should have cooperated with her, performed well and acted well.

But he couldn't continue after this laughter.

It seemed that it was not suitable for him, Mr. Ron, to sincerely admit his mistakes.

As a dignified Mr. Ron, he was more like a domineering president.

Raising his hand, he put it on the little woman's hand. The corners of Ron's mouth rose slightly, raising an evil and attractive arc.

"The safety bolt is not open. I know you care about me and are afraid of hurting me. But I suddenly feel that sometimes it's not a bad thing to go too far."

This hateful man was in the mood to say a pun at this time.

Damn it!

Holley blushed, and Ron laughed more happily.

Smiling, he grabbed the little woman's hand and took off the gun that blocked their hug.

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