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   Chapter 677 He Ignored Brotherhood First

Greatest Love Of All By Wu Er Characters: 7370

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It happened so suddenly that the special envoy was also stunned.

It was the first time that he had met such a dark thing.

But after all, he was just a special envoy. To put it bluntly, he was a person who sent messages. He had no right to make decisions on this kind of matter.

So after a short hesitation, the special envoy said, "let me contact them and give Ye family a reply in ten minutes."

The special envoy left, avoiding everyone to contact the old king of the royal family.

Peek came to his mother and brother in a hurry.

"What are you doing?"

Peek couldn't accept it and asked in a low voice, "brother, although you have been idle for so many years, you can't ignore Ye family's dignity. If you declare in public that Ivy is a fake, what will others think of Ye family. What's more, Ivy was found by me, your second younger brother in person for you. If you behave like this, aren't you slapping me in the face? "

"Not to mention that there are so many guests today. You shouldn't have done that even only in front of our Ye family. Don't I want grace? "

Said Peek, annoyed and aggrieved.

Peter said calmly, "I have considered for Ye family. If it weren't for Ye family, do you think I would like my daughter and me to accept the favor of the royal family? Can I forget what happened that year? Why did my wife and child apart from me? Why have I been mad for so many years? Ivy is not my daughter. I will never recognize her. I must expose the fake as well. As for the royal honor you have won for Ye family, I won't refuse. "

His words were firm and reasonable. Peek was annoyed, but he had nothing to say.

After a pause, he said, "then why do you say that Ivy is not your biological daughter. That's a DNA test. "

Peek asked against his conscience.

He had a good memory. He still remembered how his brother questioned him that night.

But he couldn't admit it in front of his mother.

Peter didn't say it clearly, "I have done the paternity test. She is not. "

"Oh, brother, you're so considerate. You've been waiting for such a long time, but I didn't expect that you would give me a surprise."

Peek said in a voice dripping with sa

od husband for her and a man who could be good to her and his daughter still liked.

He was so strong that today he was as noisy as the master of the Ye family.

Peek not only disgraced himself, but also offended the royal family.

The princess was conferred the title by him and his son, but something went wrong in the end.

Peek felt very angry.

What annoyed him more was that Ivy was missing and his son was knocked out and thrown in the grass.

Besides, there was something more annoying. When he returned home, his mother scolded him inside and outside, saying that he was not doing well and that he went to the royal family for benefits.

All in all, he, Peek, was not a good man.

As for his eldest brother, Peter, he was a man of integrity.

Peek went back home in anger and fired six shots at the chandelier in the room.

All of this was witnessed by Paul.


He said with an evil heart, "kill uncle. Before uncle came back, grandma only cared about uncle. But now, God is unfair. Uncle is too selfish. He doesn't care about Ye family's interests at all and doesn't treat you as his own younger brother. If he takes you as his own brother, he won't fight for power with you, nor will he humiliate you everywhere. He won't pretend to lose his memory even though he finds that Ivy is a fake. He won't expose it until today. Dad, if we don't kill uncle, we won't have a good day in the future. We should do it as soon as possible. "

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