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   Chapter 676 Not Trained Carefully

Greatest Love Of All By Wu Er Characters: 6649

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Peter grabbed Ivy's wrist and saw a little needle in her hand.

The needle was stained with blood.

Ivy smiled complacently, "Peter, I'm not stupid. So no matter how you fool me, it's useless. I won't cooperate with you. I will continue to cooperate with Peek and his son. I may be the princess of the royal family. If I cooperate with you, I can only get a little money, and I may be hunted and killed by enemies. How stupid I am that I would choose to cooperate with you. "

"Don't worry. Since you called me daughter and gave me a gift, I won't let you die too painful. The poison on the needle will take effect soon and you will die without even feeling the pain. Peter, thank me for not making you suffer too much this time. "

Knowing that she had succeeded, she was sure that Peter would die.

Ivy was no longer afraid. She plucked up the courage to stand up and declare war on Peter.

Peter still stood there with a light smile. He didn't panic or intend to call the doctor for help at all.

"It seems that your ability is too low. My brother didn't teach you with heart. "

Ivy didn't understand why Peter said so.

But for some reason, even though she was sure to win, Ivy lost her confidence and felt very guilty.

She didn't know what she was afraid of, but Peter's aura was so strong that Ivy felt scared.

"What do you mean?"

She asked in a trembling voice.

Peter shook his head, "the simplest common sense is that don't try to kill the same person in the same way more than once."

"Didn't you bribe the nurse to inject me with poison not long ago? You didn't poison me once, so you shouldn't have poisoned me a second time. "

Hearing Peter's explanation, Ivy understood what he was talking about.

But she was not reconciled. How could he not die.

It was obvious luck that he didn't die for one time. How could he not die for two times, let alone the strong poison.

It was just a calculation of the time. Peter should die.

But why was

he couldn't find Ivy?

Did something happen?

A bad idea flashed through Peek's mind. When he was sorting out the clues and analyzing the situation, he saw his elder brother, Peter, and his mother entering the hall late.

Peek still hoped that Ivy and his son would be with them.

But there was no one beside them except the servants.

Accompanied by his mother, Peter slowly walked into the hall and went to the center of the stage.

Peter and his mother looked at each other and said to the special envoy, "I'm sorry for keeping you waiting. But I'm afraid there will be some changes in today's ceremony. "


The special envoy frowned unhappily.

Peter said calmly, "the Ye family is deeply grateful for the royal family's kindness. But the favor of the royal family should be given to the real daughter of Ye family, not the fake Ivy. I have found out that Ivy is not my biological daughter. She has no blood relationship with me, let alone Ye family. I don't think such a person is qualified to be a princess. But what our Ye family mean is that we can't disgrace the royal family, and my daughter, who has been missing for many years, must be found back. So today's ceremony can be changed to give my daughter, whom I haven't found back, the title of princess. What do you think, special envoy?"

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