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   Chapter 675 Don't Give Up

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Life went on as usual. Holley didn't slow down because she wanted to find someone and seek justice for her father.

No matter how much Holley hoped that day would come later, it still arrived as scheduled.

However, Ron, who went out in person, did not find Ivy's parents. Ivy's parents seemed to have disappeared from the world, dead or alive.

There were even rumors that many forces were also looking for Ivy's parents.

It seemed that everyone knew that Ivy's biological parents were the key to reveal the truth.

Peek and his son were also looking for Ivy's parents.

In fact, Ivy's parents were originally in their hands.

But a week ago, they were suddenly lost.

No matter how many connections Peek and his son used, they couldn't find any clues.

The Ye family was overjoyed today.

The daughter of Ye family, who had been missing for many years, was about to be conferred the title of Princess. This was one of them.

The second one was that this daughter of Ye family was about to be engaged to Young Master Lei, and there was another talented and resourceful son-in-law in Ye family.

This was supposed to be an unparalleled honor and a joyous event in the world.

However, because of the disappearance of Ivy's parents, Peek and his son, even Ivy, had a sad expression on their faces.

It was easy to guess that the person who kidnapped Ivy's parents must have some purpose.

If they were not idiots, they would definitely take action before Ivy was conferred the title of princess today.

At this moment, there were less than ten minutes left before the opening of the ceremony.

But in the large hall, except for the guests who came and went to congratulate, there was no such a person with ulterior motives who appeared with Ivy's biological parents.

As that person didn't show up, Peek was uneasy, Paul was uneasy, and Ivy was more uneasy.

Because she knew that once her identity was exposed, she would have

to this point. Was there any way back?

If she ran out and admitted that she was a fake, would Peek and his son let her go?

Besides, Peter had been crazy for many years, so he didn't have any real power. He couldn't guarantee her safety.

Ivy didn't believe it, not to mention the wealth she was about to have. How could she give up so easily?

She was unwilling to submit to fate.

She wanted to have a fight, such as killing Peter again.

As long as Peter died, there would be a turning point.

With her hands behind her back, Ivy took out the poisonous needle that Paul gave her.

She had made up her mind that Peter must die.

"I... i..."

As she was ready to fight, she put on a pitiful look to distract Peter's attention.

"I'm really forced. I have no choice. At the beginning, I was forced to come here. Then I heard the order to go to hell if I didn't cooperate. I really have no choice, not to mention that later, my life, the life and death of my parents were all controlled by others. "

Ivy cried miserably. At last, she knelt down to Peter.

"Ye family's eldest master, are you really willing to let me go? Is that true? "

While crying, she grabbed Peter's hand.

Peter didn't care too much and let Ivy hold his hand.

Then he felt a slight pain in his palm.

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