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   Chapter 674 His Hatred, His Resentment And His Belief

Greatest Love Of All By Wu Er Characters: 6992

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In the car.

Jane recalled the night more than 20 years ago.

It was a beautiful night.

The stars in the sky twinkled, and the curved crescent moon loomed in the clouds.

It was really a good day, but there was a tragedy.

That night, Holley's mother and the eldest master of Ye family were running all the way. They were running for their lives, because Holley's mother was the tame head master of the royal family.

She betrayed the royal family and was hunted down by the enemy tame head masters.

Along the way, they all had a hard time escaping, and finally they had no way to escape.

It was the master of Holley's mother who found them. She was one old tame head master who had served the royal family for many years.

Holley's mother had a chance to live.

As long as she was willing to kill the eldest master of Ye family, as long as she was willing to take the parasite and forget everything in the past, she could still return to the royal family and be her boundless tame head master.

The eldest master of Ye family loved Holley's mother very much, so he said at that time that he was willing to die and was willing to use his own death to fulfill the life of his beloved woman.

Love was always mutual.

Holley's mother had a deep feeling for the eldest master of Ye family, so deep that she could sacrifice her life.

Therefore, the eldest master of the Ye family who was not a tame head master was no match for Holley's mother.

He was knocked down and passed out on the spot.

Holley's mother's choice was to die, let go of the eldest master of Ye family, and let go of her baby daughter.

The old tame head master agreed to her request.

The whole thing could have ended as long as Holley's mother committed suicide.

But they didn't expect that there would be other enemy tame head masters who would come.

So the final ending was the most miserable one.

Holley's mother was cursed the most terrible curse. She was cursed that no one in the world could remember her existence.

She was cursed that she would never be remembered by he

this matter, and why she provoked him was courting death.

Only when Holley understood it could she keep her life.

Taking a deep breath, Holley took a long time to digest and understand the truth.

She nodded seriously, "thank you, Jane. I won't do anything stupid. But you have to choose between me and the Generalissimo sooner or later. It's the right choice for you, but you must choose. If you don't choose, the Generalissimo will think that you are a traitor, and I also think that you don't really care about my friendship and my mother's kindness to you in the past. So you must choose, or it will be your fault either way. "

Jane smiled, "Holley, it's so nice of you to understand me. I know I have to choose. But now, when there is no need to choose, I still hope that I can be not to choose. "

After a pause, she added, "I'll help you with Ye family's affairs. As the daughter of the Generalissimo, you can break some rules of the famous families. And the key point is to expose Ivy before she is officially conferred the title of princess. "

"I understand."

Holley nodded solemnly, "once the royal family officially bestows her the identity of a princess, if I expose her, I will force the royal family to admit that they have done something wrong. It's really not an easy thing. So I have asked Mr. Ron to find Ivy's biological parents by the end of this month. "

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