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   Chapter 673 A Knowing Lie

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Jane held Holley's hand and wanted to take her home.

Holley shook off Jane's hand.

Taking two steps back, Holley said, "Jane, do you know what I've been busy with these days?"

Jane knew.

Although Fabian and Holley deliberately concealed something from her.

But they lived under the same roof. How could she not know what Fabian and Holley were busy with.

It was just that her friends were out of kindness, and she was willing to pretend to accept it.

Holley didn't want Jane to answer her question.

So after a short pause, Holley said, "I'm busy investigating Ivy. I found that Ivy is just a small soldier, and the real manipulator behind it is Peek and his son."

"Fabian told me that the noble families have their own way of thinking and their rules. So I can't expose the plot of Peek and his son. If I expose the plot of Peek and his son, not only will they not receive any punishment, but even Ivy will be protected by Ye family since then. The only person I can deal with is Ivy."

"Fabian persuaded me, and I also promised him to collect as much information as possible and put all the charges on Ivy. In fact, I have brought almost all the materials I have prepared to attend the banquet of Ye family today. I should have given the materials to Old Lady Ye. At least, this is what I planned to do. But the moment I got the bracelets and knew the truth, I changed my mind. I don't care about the mindset of famous families. What I care about is how to get justice for my father. I don't care who would defeat. As long as anyone dares to hurt my father, I will get justice for my father."

Holley made it clear.

She didn't care about anything. She only cared about her family.

She would not allow anyone to hurt her family.

No matter it was Jane or the Generalissimo, she wouldn't allow them to hurt her father.

Looking straight into Jane's eyes, Holley said word by word, "You can choose to escape and ignore the question I asked. I ca

d. You must know him well. Besides, the Generalissimo has always been nice to me and helped me a lot. I really shouldn't make him unhappy. But can you tell me what happened that year? I want to know why the Generalissimo thinks that it is my father who killed my mother. You told me last time that my mother was a tame head master who worked for the royal family and she couldn't fall in love with anyone, but she had feelings with my father. What happened later?"

Jane was also a smart woman.

How could she not know that it was a lie that Holley said she believed that the Generalissimo wouldn't hurt her father?

But if Holley was willing to say so, Jane was willing to believe it.

Although she had no ability to prevent those things from happening, she would try her best to balance the relationship between Holley and the Generalissimo.

After all, Holley's mother was Jane's benefactor, and the Generalissimo was also her benefactor.

She just hoped that the two people who were very important to her would not fight and not hurt each other.

She didn't want to be in the middle of them, nor did she want to make a difficult choice.

Nodding her head, Jane said, "I don't know the details of what happened that year, but I will tell you everything I know. Let's get in the car. It's windy here."

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