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   Chapter 672 I Want You To Tell Me The Answer

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Holley closed the box directly and she pushed back the silver bracelets and the box.

"I can't take these."

Although she liked the bracelets very much, her reason told her that she couldn't take the belongings of Mr. Peter's deceased wife.

"Take it. I can give it to you, which proves that you are qualified to have it."

Peter said seriously.

Seeing that Holley still had no intention to accept it, he waved his sleeve and said, "Do you think this gift doesn't deserve your identity as the daughter of the Generalissimo, so you don't want it?"

Holley hesitated.

It was inappropriate for her to take such a precious thing.

Ivy jumped out directly, "Dad, why did you give mom's stuff to an outsider? You should give it to me."

Hearing her request, Holley no longer hesitated.

If she put the bracelets here, she could return it to Mr. Peter when he found his own daughter.

If these bracelets were given to Ivy, it would be ruined.

"Thank you, Mr. Peter. I accept this gift."

Holley withdrew her hand and gave the box with silver bracelets to Jane.

After she accepted the gift, Ivy was so angry that she stamped her feet. "Dad, I haven't seen mom since I was a child. You gave mom's only belongings to someone else, so that I would be sad and mom would be unhappy."

Peter said indifferently, "No, in your mother's eyes, my life is far from being measured by this pair of bracelets. Well, sit down and have a good meal together."

"No! Dad, you've gone too far."

Ivy couldn't stand it anymore.

She was going to show off her relationship with his father and piss Holley off.

But to her surprise, in the end, she was the only one who was pissed off, and the one who was complacent was still Holley.

Unwilling to see Holley's face again, Ivy stood up and left.

"Don't mind. She has no rules."

It was not until now that Old Lady Ye said that.

In order to cooperate with her el

other. If you don't mind, you can come here more often and have a chat with me."


Holley accepted the invitation gladly.

After chatting with Peter and telling him to have a good rest, Holley left the Ye family.

She walked out of the banquet hall.

Before they got in the car, Holley held Jane's hand and pulled her to a deserted place. "Tell me, is Mr. Peter my biological father?"

"Jane, don't lie to me. I have known the truth, but I want to hear the answer from you."

Holley asked word by word, and her eyes were blurred by tears.

She knew it!

Jane was stunned.

How did Holley know?

She couldn't figure it out at all.

Seeing that Jane didn't say anything, Holley wiped the tears from the corner of her eyes and said, "I'll tell you how I knew, but I want you to tell me the answer yourself."

"I knew it when I touched the bracelets. I think I can't show it in front of a fake or a person who is coveting him. So I endured it for a long time."

"Jane, can you tell me the truth?"

What Holley wanted was not the truth. She wanted the friendship between Jane and her who said they were like sisters.

Not daring to look into Holley's eyes, Jane averted her eyes and said, "Holley, let's go back. Pretend to be silly when we go back."

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